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Wii U is Priced Ideally for the Single-Console Nintendo Gamer

GenGAME writes: "Judging by its launch lineup, Wii U seems set to provide single-console Nintendo gamers with the kinds of content they’ve missed out on over the last three generations. Not only that, they’ll still get Nintendo’s famous first-party games, plus a lot of major hardware upgrades over the last generation. A lot more built-in flash memory. Digital downloads of retail games. And at the center of it all – the Wii U GamePad." (Assassin's Creed III, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo, NintendoLand, Wii U)

vortis  +   944d ago
Last three gens?

I know this dude did not include the N64 as a system that couldn't be a single household console system?

There were more RPGs on the PSX, plus MGS and Gran Turismo but for most other categories the N64 held its own.

Killer Instinct Gold for the win.
TheHardware  +   944d ago

and yeah, nintendo has a pretty good line up, I still think 250 wouldof been the sweetspot for the lower end console package
Welshy  +   944d ago
First Fail =P
AO1JMM  +   944d ago

I own all 3 current gen consoles and a PC and plan on getting the WiiU at launch.
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dcortz2027  +   944d ago
I'm not interested in the Wii U, but the $350 price tag seems reasonable, especially if you have a job.
Ilovetheps4  +   944d ago
I disagree. I currently have a PS3 and Wii. In the upcoming generation I plan on owning the Wii U and the PS4. I already have my Wii U preordered. Can't wait for November 18th.
claud3  +   944d ago
Cool price. For £260 i am in and will be getting it
Baka-akaB  +   944d ago
I dont find the price cool at all , at such cost and coming so late it could at least include a decent hard drive .

But i'm still getting a Wii U for the games i want
Dno  +   944d ago
If you were a nintendo only gamer for the last 3 gens then you are not a gamer.

To miss halo every single final fantasy, boarderlands, MGS the most awarded game this gen uncharted 2, skyrim, GTA, COD, Batman, Red dead, darks souls etc. (i can go on forever) means your not a gamer your a nintendo fanboy. Its almost impossible for me to see the games that ps3 and 360 have every year and be ok with the wii. SO glad im not you.
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ronin4life  +   944d ago
You can be a true gamer as long as you enjoy fun games on any number of platforms. Though it is sad some people are limited by finances or personal bias(actual preference is a non issue)

Also Borderlands and dark souls FTW!!!!°0°/
Dno  +   944d ago
thats the thing if he said he only had nintendo platforms because he was poor id be like ok thats cool
but thats not the cahse. Hes getting a 400 dollar wii u (has to be more with gamess) on day one and he doesnt have a 199.99 xbox or 250 dollar ps3?

Hes a fanboy not a gamer
ABizzel1  +   944d ago
I must say this is a great line-up for those gamers who were Wii only gamers. But looking at it for myself a PS360Wii owner, there's only 5 games I'm looking forward to until the end of 2013 (that are announced so far).

1. ZombiU (#1)
2. New Super Mario Bros. (#3)
3. Nintendo Land (#4)
4. Wii Fit U (#5)
5. Bayonetta 2 (#2)
Venox2008  +   944d ago
believe me or not, but I'm waiting for Tank tank tank :) then:

rayman legends
pikmin 3
new mario
ninja gaiden 3
nano assault neo
bit.trip runner2
trine 2 with exclusive content
the cave
bayonetta 2
lego city stories

..I actually would like that ninty one day made a localisation of Fatal frame IV HD on Wii U with Wii U gamepad, sounds cool, no? :)
Taibo  +   943d ago
Anyone know what the European price will be?

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