PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Dream Roster: John Marston

IGN - Ever since PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was rumored, IGN's been pitching characters that need to be in the game. Well, after the leak, it appears developer SuperBot Entertainment isn't listening. So, IGN's Podcast Beyond is teaming with IGN reader Pandamusk to create videos for the fighters we think need to be in the game.

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prototypeknuckles2279d ago

hows about no, i mean marston is cool but how will he play different from other dudes with guns

mafiahajeri2278d ago

But think how cool his special would be 15seconds of dead ey end the rest is history ;)

ThePsychoGamer2279d ago

No, really the only characters from multi plat games that should be in PSASBR are characters from games that got started on a Playstation console.

They should also focus more on third party characters from PS exclusive games like Kiryu Kazuma, a character that is much more deserving of being in this game then John Marston.

prototypeknuckles2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

yes he said it right there, thats the right idea people, this guy or girl is genius

Mikefizzled2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

But that go as far as removing big daddy from the list since Bioshock was exclusive on xbox for at least a year?

ThanatosDMC2279d ago

Will he have Lasso powers and throw enemies in front of a train or would he shoot other people's horses?

toxic-inferno2279d ago

My current concern for this game is the number of characters that either use guns (Radec, Nathan Drake, Dante) or swords (Kratos, Nariko, Raiden, Sir Daniel).

I'd much rather see some more characters like Sackboy, whose attacks require some interesting and clever twists on gameplay.

ChrisW2279d ago

Still can't understand why Pikachu and Mario haven't been added to the roster.

mafiahajeri2278d ago

You kidding? Mario is NIntiendo

Sandmano2278d ago

Failed attempt at sarcasm?