This is how Tomb Raider won most gamers over back in the days

DSOGaming writes: "When we’ re not posting news or playing games, we here at DSOG love reading magazines. And this article was inspired by a ‘naughty’ Tomb Raider shot that was featured in the official GamePro magazine. Back in 1997, Internet was not as widespread as it is today. Back then, we were waiting, anxiously, for the next issue of GamePro, Games, PC Zone or PC Gamer. Back then, mods were not as popular as they are today. Back then, we were so ‘innocent’ and – believe it or not - didn’t think there would be any sexy female in-game character, able to ‘excite’ us. Imagine now our surprise when the following nude shot of Tomb Raider was featured in GamePro."

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beerkeg2282d ago

What an amazing post. I'm astonished at how well you put your point across, I can't argue with anything you said.

From now on I will point to your post to describe the perfect post, The Golden Post, on n4g.

Never has ..... been so well used.

Thanks for your amazing input, today you have enlightened me. I thank you Sir.

beerkeg2282d ago

Please, now you're just spoiling me.

After ....., ......... is just too much. My mind needs time to piece all this wonderful knowledge together.

Thanks jc48573, you've gave me much to think about.

God bless you.

HammadTheBeast2282d ago


The sheer awesomeness of my post will blind you.

ninjahunter2282d ago

XD I remember that the original tomb raiders boobs on PS1 was actually a misclick, they ended up 150% bigger than they originally were meant to be Haha.

RandomDude6552282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Dem triangles :-)

lol at how many polygons for the chest

wallis2281d ago

"Hey Lara I need to cut open some cardbox boxes? Can I borrow one... both... are they separate...? Whatever can I just borrow your chest please?"

FinaLXiii2281d ago

Thats probably the very first mod i ever heard about when i started gaming.