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Joe Danger: The Movie Review | Tech-Gaming

For those who though the original game was nothing but a vibrant-hued push-over, Joe Danger: The Movie will test your dexterity, memory, and sporadically- your patience. (Joe Danger The Movie, Xbox 360) B+/A+

JRPGLuva  +   899d ago
The unicycle and the jetpack are kind of lame. Everything else make it worth it.
CharmingMan  +   899d ago
I like the jetpack. Its different from everything else.
madmad  +   899d ago
So it is Trials HD hard?

Can ANYTHING on two wheels be that hard?
RaptorMan  +   899d ago
"No, Danger's my MIDDLE name" - Austin Powers.

Loved the first one and this looks like more of the same, which probably is worth a $10 purchase. $15 is a bit too high.
sharpsword  +   899d ago
Never seen a Stunt cycle. Is that a true story?
mediastudies  +   899d ago
In game advertising to plug a game you just bought. That's novel.

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