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For those who though the original game was nothing but a vibrant-hued push-over, Joe Danger: The Movie will test your dexterity, memory, and sporadically- your patience.

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JRPGLuva2079d ago

The unicycle and the jetpack are kind of lame. Everything else make it worth it.

CharmingMan2079d ago

I like the jetpack. Its different from everything else.

madmad2079d ago

So it is Trials HD hard?

Can ANYTHING on two wheels be that hard?

RaptorMan2079d ago

"No, Danger's my MIDDLE name" - Austin Powers.

Loved the first one and this looks like more of the same, which probably is worth a $10 purchase. $15 is a bit too high.

sharpsword2079d ago

Never seen a Stunt cycle. Is that a true story?

mediastudies2079d ago

In game advertising to plug a game you just bought. That's novel.