Team17 graces us with yet another Worms game, and it’s getting a bit old - GameTheoryCast

Worms. A 17-year-old franchise, a classic of its generation, and a premium example of simplicity and wonder in game design. This year marks yet another Worms release: “Worms: Revolution“. That’s right, another Worms game. How many is it now? Expansions and spin-offs aside, this is the 16th Worms game to grace our homes. The key question now is: isn’t this series getting a little tired?

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Jackhass2281d ago

But, but...I like the Worms games! Even if they are all the same.

FriedGoat2279d ago

Worms hasn't been good since Armageddon/World Party. I dont see how creating an inferior engine, with inferior animations, less weapons and less voices is an upgrade. I loved worms, but I hate what Team 17 have become.

Carl_Shocker2279d ago

We need Worms 5...bring back the 3D worm games

Lucretia2279d ago

i really did like the 3d woorms, 4 mayhem was pretty great, and worms 3 was awesome. the enviorments, and weapons, so much better than 2d. yeah it was harder but was def better imo.

i still like the 2d worms, and i really want worms revolution, i've always wanted some sorta water physics and now we get them XD

BuckyBarnes2279d ago

So stop playing them.

So tired of people complaining about lack of innovation, but when you have a game and system as good as Worms, and an obvious fanbase buying and playing, stfu and play something else if you dont like it.

Lucretia2279d ago

yeah people complain when the games changed, and now complain when its more classic.

i dont see these people complaining about mario.

i enjoy the 2d worms on psp (Open warefare 1 and 2 aswell as battle islands)

im hoping revolution still lets you create your own levels.

to bad its not on vita, either way its cool :P

RockmanII72279d ago

I'm glad other comments basically say what I wanted to, if you don't like the idea don't buy the game. If it sells well then that means other people are happy with it so stfu, if it doesn't then the developers/publishers will take notice and will make something worth buying.