Manliness Is Not Bound By Sex! | Persona 4 Arena

Aaron of Bago Games reviews Persona 4 Arena: Simply put, Persona 4 Arena is one of the best fighting games released this year. While there is an initial learning curve, this is the easiest Arc System game to pickup and play. The story is extremely well written, the fighting is fast paced, the roster is diverse, and the online runs without a hitch. If you are either a fan of the Persona series or a fan of fighting games, I would highly recommend that you pick Persona 4 Arena up right now.

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Jackhass2202d ago

I love that a Persona fighting game is a thing that exists. Oh Atlus.

amaguli2202d ago

I was cautiously optimistic when Atlus first announce Persona 4 Arena, and I'm so glade it delivered.

I hope that more people pick this game up, and I hope the community sticks around with it.

Sonyslave32202d ago

game is good but i feel like i kinda waste 60$

vortis2202d ago

Seems to be a recurring theme this gen.

amaguli2202d ago

How so? Perona 4 Arena has a great story mode, score attack, challenges, and online is great. I feel like I got a lot out of this game $60, and I'm still playing it online.