The Five Great Car Chase Scenes in Games, According to Pursuit Force Developer

We all know there are great car chase scenes in movies, but are there actually great car chase scenes in games? Stephen Totilo of MTV asked the guys over at Pursuit Force if there were. The answers were interesting.

1. "Half Life 2": Fan Boat Chase
2. "GTA: San Andreas": Sewer Chase Sequence
3. "Metal Gear Solid 3": The Final Motorbike Chase
4. "Burnout Paradise": Shut Down
5. "Driver 1"

He lists all of the descriptions and reasons as well, so you you can head over and check that out.

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AnthonyPerez3759d ago

While it's not a car chase, I will always remember and cherish the final scene in Halo where you're hightailing it out of the Pillar of Autumn. It's one of the most memorable gaming experiences I've had. If felt so cinematic and epic for me.