EA’s chief executive proposed ‘no hire’ pact with Zynga or he would ‘rain hell’

Accused of copying The Sims Social, Zynga filed a counterclaim against EA. It alleges EA's CEO John Riccitiello was mad that Zynga had stolen employees and wanted an illegal "no hire" pact.

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roblef2282d ago

Wow. serious drama here!

deantak2282d ago

Now this just doesn't seem fair, does it?

Megaton2282d ago

I support any and all enemies of EA.

majiebeast2282d ago

Still its a hard choice Zynga or EA 2 giants out to kill anything thats unique or different.

Megaton2282d ago

Gotta go against EA. EA ruins games I like. Zynga makes crappy games I couldn't care less about.

Ben_Grimm2282d ago

Seriously, I would rather support EA in this battle.

NovusTerminus2282d ago

Zynga also makes stupid amounts of money with those stupid games, making publishers rethink how much work they need to be putting into the games... Until everything gets to looking like Theater Rhythm...

3-4-52281d ago

If only you knew that Zynga is the only company worse than them.

They make EA look like Squaresoft, Circa 1996

Majin-vegeta2282d ago

Honestly BF3 is the last EA game i'm buying fuxkn greedy bastards.Not to mention they are doing this now-_-.

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The story is too old to be commented.