3 Things Other Publishers Can Learn From the Wii U

"Here are three things that Nintendo did that will push the Wii U off shelves and into homes this holiday season." |

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Proeliator2283d ago

I agree wholeheartedly, but I think waiting on a date is the worst part. Microsoft played it close with only a 5 month span between 360 announcement and release... Nintendo said "WiiU", shut up for over a year, and then says "November 18th. 299/349."

At least it was two months and not two weeks!

TheFinalEpisode2283d ago

They should have used that time to build up hype though. Releasing a trailer for a WiiU exclusive every now and then, "leaking" info of games like the next Smash Bros,showing specs. It seems only now hype has begun when they could have taken advantage of the long wait.

Phil322283d ago

They're doing what they did with the Wii, so what's the problem?

dee-ecks2283d ago

They listened to the fans??? Oh really? So tell me again why It's still called Wii U? Also care to explain why Its game cases are baby blue? I can go on & on if you'd like but ill leave it at that.

thezeldadoth2283d ago

fuck metroid, i'm not buying a game with a baby blue case. Smash bros, that game sucks, did you see the case!?

Summons752283d ago

The blue was probably a marketing choice so they can make sure people don't confuse with the Wii. As for the name.....I don't have a slightest idea why they thought the name was fine, I don't like the name but I like the system which is what really matters. Yeah clearly they listened to fans, just look at the 3rd party support that fans demanded because of the lack of it on Wii and Nintendo provided it to draw more core gamers back in while keeping the families too. I'm guessing your a nay-sayer that is going to bash it no matter what but Nintendo definitely kept their promise of making a system for both core and casual gamers.

dee-ecks2283d ago

No, they didn't. Why else would the hard core fans pitch a bitch like they are?

shackdaddy2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Lol. Who cares about the case color and the name? Are you really that shallow?

3-4-52283d ago

It's called that so casuals who played the wii will know they can/will be familiar with the console and have an idea as to how it might play.

Then once they learn of all the new cool stuff it will excite them more.

Not everyone buying one is a gamer really so it both confuses and helps...not just confuses.

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DivineAssault 2283d ago

If borderlands was launching on this thing along with DOA 5, i would prolly grab it.. Team Ninja is doing Ninja Gaiden 3 & gearbox is doing aliens for wii u so i dont see why the others arent going on it.. Thats the kind of fishy activity i see.. Plus i wanna see how u can cross game chat & everything on it too.. I hope u guys buy all them units so i see more games come to it.. Then ill have a reason to get it

YoungPlex2283d ago

They caught a lot of flak for not announcing a price, but honestly it was probably the best move they did! It's not even on shelves yet and sold out nationwide... I'm sure the white one is still available but $349.99 is a damn good sweet-spot for the deluxe version and $299.99 for a standard version.

DivineAssault 2283d ago

itl sell for a while.. I doubt itl be impossible to find... Even if it is, im still gonna wait it out til i see something i want.. I would like to buy one & sell it on Ebay again but idk if its gonna be hot or not.. When the white ones start selling out, ill consider it