How Tekken Tag Tournament 2′s Netcode Sets a New Standard for the Genre

TheSixthAxis - Fighting games have a pretty bad history when it comes to online multiplayer. Over the past few years the online modes have fluctuated from somewhat playable to downright unacceptable. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 breaks this mold entirely.

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VsAssassin2282d ago

Yeah, TTT2 has a really awesome netcode. 4 bars warrant mostly lagless matches!!! Great job, Namco!

Gran Touring2282d ago

I haven't had the chance to play it online yet, but I've been hearing it's pretty solid. That's great to hear, I know I'll be playing TTT2 for a long time :)

Baka-akaB2281d ago

Yeah namco aced it with the same netcode in Soul Calibur V , and actually optimized it further . great job and the golden standard for non 2d games

rajman2281d ago

The netcode is brilliant, I'm from UK, played some Japanese players and the connection was amazingly good. I've Never experienced such good connection to such far locations in fighting games before


maybe they need to get these guys helping activision out with COD's netcode.

doogiebear2280d ago

NO! Let COD just die already