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The Next-Gen Console Wars has begun

GamersBliss.com writes: "Sony and Microsoft may still be back in the stone age of last generation. Both console makers could be playing ketchup after Nintendo’s briefing to the world on Wii U. And yes just like I predicted Nintendo didn’t pull any punches! With that said let’s take a look a couple of chess moves these players in the Console wars might and will make during the road to E3 2013. Yep I said it, don’t expect any concrete super next-gen console news to come out until then. Seeing that we are almost a world away from that time key moves by Sony and Microsoft must be made during this holiday season that will help shape the future of next-gen consoles with no hardware specs involved." (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii U, Xbox 360)

THESHAUNZY  +   964d ago
Zeixama  +   964d ago
Isn't this Episode 2, ... Strikes Back?
Hatsune-Miku  +   964d ago
Next gen doesn't start until Sony says so.

Wii u and next gen shouldn't be used in the same sentence.
I like Nintendo but its underwhelming with its hardware power and exclusive titles available. Not enough quality exclusives previewed to be on the horizon and its too expensive.

The Wii has the worse controls ever in gaming for a console but it was advertised to be revolutionary. All games would have been better off on the Wii using a traditional controller. Mario galaxy, the conduit and skyward sword are the best titles on the Wii in my opinion and o like them a lot but they would be better if I could have used my wavebird to play them. The Wii requires Wiimotion plus for better accuracy but its still rubbish. Now wiimote isn't the default controller for the Wii u because it isn't good enough and Nintendo wants to sell another console relying on another gimmick the touch screen controller.

To each his own, Wii u is late
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Zeixama  +   964d ago
I don't know, man ; all I want great triple A RPGs; whether J or W. The taking off of this current generation has been chaotic; many good games are lost on the way.

If all next three consoles have similar hardware specifications; I hope then those stupid "exclusive,timed,abused games for DLC" vanish and an equality comes between gamers and gaming experience.

But the winner will be the most flexiable one; OS, connecting features, social networks, multiplayer,online experience, no region locking, allowing mod feature ...
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The_Infected  +   964d ago
@ hatsune-miku

It's not all about the technical capabilities. It's about the experience overall I say.
ALLWRONG  +   963d ago
Wii U is 3 times more powerful than current consoles and it's the same price.

Nintendo is doing a great job securing 3rd party support and has welcomed the core gamer with open arms. As far as multiplatform games are concerned, the Wii U is a far sexier choice than PS3 or 360.

I know people want to say but "what about 720 and PS4" but the fact is we will see Wii U/360/PS3 before we see Wii U/PS4/720. We still know nothing about the 720 or PS4... nothing.

Wii U will be entering the market against the 360 and PS3, at the same price. Which one do you think people are going to buy? Nintendo is going to take a huge chunk of the core, casual, and tech junkie base right off the bat.

Next gen has started, Sony and MS are late for the bus.
Autodidactdystopia  +   963d ago
"The Next-Gen console war has begun."

There, now my OCD can calm down.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   964d ago
-raises hands in the air-

Lockon  +   964d ago
Most fitting video ever.

Related video
Surge3  +   964d ago
I stopped reading after "ketchup"
THESHAUNZY  +   964d ago
What did the big tomato (Wii U) say to the little tomato.... KETCHUP
Slapshot82  +   963d ago
You caught that too huh? #Fail
LX-General-Kaos  +   964d ago
After a long wait, it is nice to see that Nintendo was the first to kick off the next generation of home console gaming. It has been a good long time since the Nintendo brand had the first outing. So far things are looking positive, and full of innovative titles. I predict that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet controller and its unique functions will shape the future of how games are experienced.

Looking forward to see what competing consoles do as well.

Rated E For Everyone
WeskerChildReborned  +   964d ago
No doubt that Sony and Microsofts system will probably have better graphics but i'm still excited for Wii U. |

It's an interesting idea for a console to have a tablet like screen on the controller.
LX-General-Kaos  +   964d ago
When it comes to consoles anything can happen. History is proof that you can not tell who will be the most powerful, or who will win from the beginning. The only thing that is concrete is that E3 2013 is going to be an entertaining battlefield in the online space, especially here

Rated E For Everyone
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ozzywazzy  +   964d ago
I think this is the first comment where you sound like less of a tool and more of a gamer. Gj
HammadTheBeast  +   964d ago
I'm going to be honest, your comments make me want to punch you in the throat. But good luck.

Also, how have the Next-gen console wars begun with only one competitor? Mind = Blown.
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   964d ago
The best console war was between Nintendo and Sega back in the day. Yet, that's neither here nor there. I am excited to see what this generation of consoles will bring to the table.
SheaHoff  +   964d ago
I'm definitely interested to see what happens!
TheSuperior  +   964d ago
I ready for this lol
ChunkyLover53  +   964d ago
More then ready for the next round of consoles! Last time it was Microsoft kicking off the generation, now its Nintendo. I absolutely cannot wait to pick up my Wii U on November 18th!
MrDead  +   964d ago
4k consoles will kick off the real next gen.
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HammadTheBeast  +   964d ago
So....next gen is in 3-5 years?
taquito  +   964d ago

lol.....only pc does 4k and it will stay that way for quite some time, perhaps ps5 will

ps4 may do 4k bluray type movies, games....lol.....ps4 and nextbox will be akin to a 2 year old, mid range gaming pc at best

if the ps4/nextbox even have 4gb ram and a gpu similar to a gtx 285 i will be pleasantly suprised.
ALLWRONG  +   963d ago
First affordable 4k TV's in 8 years. PS5 would be the first to actually use it.

Everyone gets sold on hype sometimes. You just did.
violents  +   964d ago
How can you call it a console war when nintendo's "next gen" console just barely puts them a step ahead of the current gen consoles everyone else has. When sony and ms come out with their next gen systems nintendo will be choked out by the dust they leave in their wake. And way to sony bash in this article, very biased. The only persons he refers to as fanboys are sony fans. Claims ms "dominated" this gen.(they are ahead of sony but not enough to claim domination in my opinion) Get a clue dude
THESHAUNZY  +   964d ago
LOL are you serious? COD MAP packs - Exclusive to Xbox.... NETFLIX... for a time exclusive to xbox... ESPN... SKYRIM DLC.... GEARS OF WAR.... HALO.... ROCKSTAR GAMES NOT EXCLUSIVE TO PS3 WAAASSSS AA HUGGGEEE DEALLL.... Most games that I get for PS3 I can get for 360 except for about 10.... If you look at the libraries they don't even match up... WII has more titles than PS3... pretty sad that Sony can't get it together I bet your totally into the PS Vista (<--troll) get over it Sony lost big time... they are by no means on par with PS2 or original Playstation. It is only obvious with all the difficulty TO DEVELOP DLC FOR SKYRIM.... EPIC FAIL IN SONYS DEPARTMENT... just goes to show how hard it is to DE VEL OP for Sonys platform. by the way anyone see that trailer for Killzone?? FANBOYS SHOULD BE PISSED AT SONY RIGHT NOW!
GrahamGolden  +   964d ago
try harder xbot fangirl

u are still loosing in sales Worldwide despite the money u throw for exclusives third party contents...

why dont u spend them on a new IP for a change hh ?
instead throwing the same 3 games every year or two
nolson10  +   964d ago
losing* but I agree.
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HammadTheBeast  +   964d ago
lol at least I don't pay $50 for ads on my home screen.
violents  +   963d ago
Ok first i was comparing the nintendo next gen platform the "wii U" to current gen sony and ms, not trying to start a sony ms flamewar so nice try douche, take that shit somewhere else. And if you want the shovelware the wii has than go buy a wii and stop complaing that other systems prefer quality games over quanity of crap. And Bethesdas epic fail to program for ps3 is bethesdas fault not playstations. IF you cant make it work dont claim you can and release a very half assed product. I'm a mechanic if i cant fix your car I don't say "well its fords fault you should have bought a chevy" That's ludicrous. and how exactly is rockstar not makeing ps3 exclusives a big deal. I still got all those games on my ps3, xbox did't get something from them that i didn't, and frankly i wouldn't care if they did. I have plety of great games on my playstation and on my ps vita,(yes i have a handheld gaming system, Do you have the xbox handheld.. oh thats right they dont have one.)
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ChunkyLover53  +   964d ago
1.Next gen isn't a reference to the tech in any way.

2.People said the same thing about the Wii, yet it dominated this generation.

Nintendo is in a clearly advantageous spot, releasing first, releasing at least a year before the competition is going to give them a huge lead.

Releasing at a reasonable price, $299 is a great price point for a next gen console to start out at. Consoles traditionally don't have great games at launch, though the Wii U's launch looks solid, but a year or so into the consoles cycle we will see the really great games like Zelda, Smash Brothers and Metroid. So those games will be releasing around the time of the next Sony/Microsoft consoles, I'd also suspect a price drop as well.

Next gen is simply the next console in order, it has nothing to do with power, tech or anything like that.

Wii U is the most powerful console, its releasing this year, next gen starts November 18th.
SoapShoes  +   964d ago
Yeah because launching first really helped the Dreamcast against the PS2 and 360 against the Wii(heck it's only 2 mil ahead of the PS3 and it has always been more expensive), right? Launching first is not necessarily an advantage, otherwise everyone would be rushing new consoles.
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Campy da Camper  +   964d ago
I'd like to point out that when the next 2 players release their consoles in a year or so, Nintendo can and will most likely do a price drop.

I love my PS3 over everything but I also liked the Wii. Just not enough Splinter Cellish games on it. 360 was good for MP but I stopped MP a couple years ago and am now into total SP like Dark Souls, LBP, Assassin's Creed, Fallout, etc.

That said, I am getting more and more intrigued buy the WiiU each day. That new controller looks dope for inventory on RPGs. If devs start producing multiplats that run at 60fps in 1080p or even 720p at 60fps locked, all the time, I might find myself on that system more. Of course the Sony exclusives will always be in my hands but the PS4 is a loooooong way off in gamer time.
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violents  +   963d ago
Thats not what next gen means to me. Next gen to me is the next big step forward on procesing power and graphics, Nintendo just took theirs to catch up to everyone else. Just because you sold more doesnt make you the best. I bet walmart sells more shirts and pants than versacci but you prob think versacci is better dont you? And franly im just not a nintendo fan anymore so im probably a bit biased. I don't like the really family friendly aura they have around everything. I guess i've just outgrown mario.
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PopRocks359  +   964d ago

"console just barely puts them a step ahead of the current gen consoles everyone else has."

*Sigh* Another one of those people.
violents  +   963d ago
Yeah those people with opinions different from yours, get used to it, its gunna happen a lot in life. I dont mean to burst your bubble but I'm not always going to agree with you.
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wiiu_peeu  +   964d ago
Don't bother their still mesmerized by the thought of Mario in HD to them that means next gen lol Funny all the talk of Wii u being five times stronger have died quick lol It's like .5 percent stronger than 7 year old tech. We all know next gen starts with the big dogs not the pizza making mascot machine lol
scissor_runner  +   963d ago
Next gen tech wise started like 6 years ago. Waiting on that for consoles is pointless. Even with the gtx690 it just looks a little better, simply because the industry can't afford to do more unless you elite gamers are willing to do the unthinkable.

Back in the day we put our money where our mouth was. We paid $75 for sf2. We paid for the $200 neo geo games. Being elite is not a good idea if you can not afford it. High end tech needs not extra functions to sell to the elite tech gurus out there. I can afford games at $1500 a pop can you? Most people can not. Most people can barely make $2000 a month. , try buying a type-2x taito arcade setup lol for one game.

So unless you want to see gaming collapse then get off your high horse and go get a pc. It is suicide for Sony and ms to chase what you believe is next gen. Unless gamers are all willing to be milked even worst while game prices skyrocket.

There are gamers that can afford that perium but there are not enough to support an uber industry build on that standard yet. The bottle neck is employee pay and work load. So there is an end game for reality gaming.
PopRocks359  +   963d ago
See, it's not really an opinion when you're factually wrong. You can't have the opinion that the Wii U is a generation behind with its tech. Look at the specs. They're not current generation. Not by a long shot.

Honestly at this point, if you honestly think the Wii U's specs are on par with current generation consoles, you're one of three things; a troll, an ignorant moron, or an incessant hater.
MDC31  +   964d ago
i bet the ps4 specs will be terrible because sony is broke
GrahamGolden  +   964d ago
keep dreaming buddy...keeeeeeep dreaming
Dreamer09  +   964d ago
He makes a valid point, Sony happen to still be in dept over the PS3.
The PS4 could very well, be their last console.
How are they broke? They just bought a company for 380 million & a major music company for $2.2 Billion (ps4 will have the best music service on consoles).

Last I heard nintendo was hurting to.

As a pc gamer trust when I say it doesn't take much to be more powerful than the wiiU. There are laptops already are better than wiiU.

sure they cost more but because they are better!

1gb ram for games? lol 1gb ram for OS? dx10 card? lol

Windows 8 uses 300mb ram. Now how did that happen. PC needs more ram rumor is dead then.


Let Nintendo have there shine they need it.. Ps4 will destroy it. Even if if it had the same specs as wiiU (which it won't) sony is the only company that pushes there hardware..

These graphics are good enough till next gen consoles arrive. You would brag if wuiiU games looked like this out of the gate. lol

Next gen platform with no next gen games to show? nice!
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BushLitter  +   964d ago
Laptop doesn't have a controller with its own screen. Processing power is not everything, Wii proved that this last generation. I never owned one, never had any intention to. But no-one can deny the gravity the Wii exerted. WiiU will do the same. Novelties sell, and this novelty is a good one. I WANT a Wii U. I WANT to play Darksiders 2 again with the WiiU controller. It will sell and it will sell well. PS3 does offer a similar experiences but at twice the cost.
The only problem with Nintendo right now is that Xbox 720 and PS4 is soon to follow, Graphically, Nintendo will be killed. But what can Microsoft and Sony offer in the Novelty department??
scissor_runner  +   963d ago
Great points! The new win8 is pretty cool. The Xbox experiment worked out great. Which is why I'm looking at the surface rather than a new Xbox.

Problem is you are thinking like console are the same as pcs. The price point the maket, the use of the tech are all different.

Smart tvs, smart phones are all taking features away from pretty much any thing the next Sony or ms. The surface puts ms at odds with real pc makers.

The problem is Sony does not make an os yet and the ps3 suffered from their rashness before. They have great hype men but the proof is in the actions. We will see. It's like when we thought intel could make gpu... It was a nice try.
the bastards  +   964d ago
@ MDC31

I don't want to say this but i actually think you might be right. $380,000,000 on Gaikai as well as near the year of ps4's tech development? I mean that's got to hinder it.

pore sony should start charging on Gaikai or be friends with AMD and other cost efficient manufactures.
#9.4 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
wiiu_peeu  +   964d ago
Idiots like you don't know Sony are one of the richest corporations in the world and ranked high in Forbes 500 lol. Ppl like you also thought the vita wouldn't be as powerful but it is. And finally morons like you don't think Sonys gaming division isn't profitable based off one quarter of loss in a fiscal year. Oh and I forgot ignorants like you though Sony wouldn't buy Gakai for all those millions bcus they broke. Lol I didn't know you could be 79 on Forbes 500 being broke lol haha

Outside_ofthe_Box  +   964d ago
What I find funny is the amount of agrees you have. Your avatar is hilarious as well.

Trashing a system before it's even been revealed. The Next-Gen Console Wars have truly begun indeed.
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Hicken  +   964d ago
Before today: 16 comments in two and a half years.

Last eleven hours: 29 comments, 27 of them trolling Sony. Even in articles with no relation to Sony.

Clify B talking: Sony's future is bleak.
New Super Mario Bros. 2: Graphics better than PS3.
Wii U launch lineup: Better library than PS3.

It's amazing. I say something that can just barely be seen as a preference, and I'll get attacked by LevelHead and Ben Grimm and marked for trolling. This guy's got 27 trolling comments in less than 12 hours, and he's still sitting on 5 bubbles.

Until today, it had been almost a year since he even posted, and all he's got is this crap? Only reason I looked it up was because I thought, "Oh, a new Sony hater on the block. I think I saw him trolling elsewhere."

Lo and behold.

Can we do something about this? Can we fix this issue where people who openly state they like one console over another are labeled fanboys and treated accordingly, while the one really stirring up trouble- like this guy here- get to do whatever the hell they want?
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   964d ago
I'm not taking this guy seriously at all as all his comments are so blatantly obvious it's actually hilarious. His avatar adds to the laughter as well.
#9.6.2 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
violents  +   963d ago
Just because a multi billion dollar company posts losses does not mean they are broke. To recoup those losses a smart business man would make an easier to design for console with known good components so they can come out at a reasonable price point for their next gen console. And if you look at the rumor mill for next gen equiptment that sounds exactly like what they are doing. They went out on a limb this gen, some things were great others wernt so great, but thats how you move forward you have to take a risk once in while and see how it pans out. Bravo to them for doing it because we all know ms is fine settling for what everyone is comfortable with and nintendo is well nintendo.(I dont really think they have the same demographic as sony and ms)
Master_S  +   964d ago
No, Wii U is actual generation.
BushLitter  +   964d ago
This article has this effect:

"Reply to me. I'm lonely."
Dreamer09  +   964d ago
Then they will end when the next Xbox/Playstation is released.

At least for the Wii U....
1upgamer99  +   964d ago
OMG don't bother reading this article...this guy has more disinformation than I have ever read before...WOW...He called PS3 the Gamecube of this generation. Xbox360 and PS3 are neck and neck for the most part now. He also said Xbox 720 will come out after PS4-PS4 in more than likely 2 years away and the 720 should be out next year...at least that was the game plan a 3 months ago for Microsoft..
brettski  +   964d ago
KETCHUP? haha nice
YoungPlex  +   964d ago
"Lets face it the power house that is the PS3 needed well less power this generation. With high development costs for games hurting the console rather than give it the library it truly deserves. As well as a high price of entry for gamers."

"If Sony and Microsoft are direct competitors next holiday season expect Nintendo to take 2013 by storm. Zelda, Metriod, and 3rd party titles galore. Seeing that the system is so easy and cheap to develop for this will be one of the favorites for 3rd parties. With that said expect a library of possibly over 150+ titles in just under 1 year of being released. Now that my friends is more epic especially knowing that only one Call of Duty, one Assassins Creed and one Madden title will be included in that list."

Most of this article is a bunch of subjective thoughts, but his first paragraph and conclusion, honestly makes sense. I honestly felt that the PS3 wasn't as great as it could've been, because it was indeed way too expensive to develop for or even purchase one for almost two years.

The Wii U does have the potential to launch game after game, due to the lower cost of development, while being able to deliver games that we should've got this generation, that never came due to high development costs. Honestly, it will be great when either PS4 or 720 come out and I will do my research and get the one that I see fit at the time. But as far as games go, it's going to cost a ton of money to develop for those systems, and I know for a fact that we wont get the games we deserve until 3-5 years later when development cost decrease, and developers actually tap and learn how to use the hardware.

Honestly this is nothing new and most gamers know what I'm talking about. The same could be said about the Wii U, but the simple fact that the Wii U won't cost as much to develop for, makes me believe that there will be absolutely no shortages in games until 4-5 years later, when development cost are down for PS4/720.
#15 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ninjahunter  +   964d ago
Sips Sunny D, Console? Whats that? Perhaps i should look in the texts of old to uncover this mystery.
Wigriff  +   964d ago
Even the headline had horrible grammar. Jesus.
ZoyosJD  +   964d ago
Zelda is reportedly slated for 2014. I would love to see what Retro is working on (hopefully Metroid or new IP related).

I really am interested in the Wii U, but if the only exclusives they have are ZombieU, Bayonyetta 2, Mario, Pikmin 3, and Nindendoland then I'll just wait.

$300 is just too much for me just too play another mindless zombie game, a sequel to a game I didn't play, Mario HD, a pikmin sim manager, and a new controller challenge mode.

The need some new exclusive IPs or some new perspectives on a few unused old ones.

I hope they can deliver, but I don't see it yet.
rainslacker  +   964d ago
Wouldn't a next-gen "console war" require more than one console to be called a war? Don't want to say anything bad about any of the big 3, but if Nintendo is the only one fighting this imagined war at the moment, then it seems like they may have the advantage.
3-4-5  +   964d ago
War ? really ?
Agent_hitman  +   964d ago
Sony will make all things better next gen, and they will never do the same mistakes again..
knifefight  +   963d ago
Story title: The Next-Gen Console Wars has begun
The wars has begun? Has they? Has they really? It's interesting to think about but yeah, they really has.

They is always an interesting topic.
TheGrimBunny  +   963d ago
wow... the battle really has begun.
rpd123  +   963d ago
I think Sega will have a comeback with the Dreamcast 2.

Haha just kidding.
Thepcz  +   963d ago
interesting wiiu fact
not many people know this, but the james cameron film 'avatar' was actually rendered in real time using the wiiu
AWBrawler  +   963d ago
so much hate for the Wii U, I love it. As will smith said
"Truth is: Great do need hate to survive."

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