The Next-Gen Console Wars has begun writes: "Sony and Microsoft may still be back in the stone age of last generation. Both console makers could be playing ketchup after Nintendo’s briefing to the world on Wii U. And yes just like I predicted Nintendo didn’t pull any punches! With that said let’s take a look a couple of chess moves these players in the Console wars might and will make during the road to E3 2013. Yep I said it, don’t expect any concrete super next-gen console news to come out until then. Seeing that we are almost a world away from that time key moves by Sony and Microsoft must be made during this holiday season that will help shape the future of next-gen consoles with no hardware specs involved."

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Zeixama1685d ago

Isn't this Episode 2, ... Strikes Back?

Hatsune-Miku1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Next gen doesn't start until Sony says so.

Wii u and next gen shouldn't be used in the same sentence.
I like Nintendo but its underwhelming with its hardware power and exclusive titles available. Not enough quality exclusives previewed to be on the horizon and its too expensive.

The Wii has the worse controls ever in gaming for a console but it was advertised to be revolutionary. All games would have been better off on the Wii using a traditional controller. Mario galaxy, the conduit and skyward sword are the best titles on the Wii in my opinion and o like them a lot but they would be better if I could have used my wavebird to play them. The Wii requires Wiimotion plus for better accuracy but its still rubbish. Now wiimote isn't the default controller for the Wii u because it isn't good enough and Nintendo wants to sell another console relying on another gimmick the touch screen controller.

To each his own, Wii u is late

Zeixama1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I don't know, man ; all I want great triple A RPGs; whether J or W. The taking off of this current generation has been chaotic; many good games are lost on the way.

If all next three consoles have similar hardware specifications; I hope then those stupid "exclusive,timed,abused games for DLC" vanish and an equality comes between gamers and gaming experience.

But the winner will be the most flexiable one; OS, connecting features, social networks, multiplayer,online experience, no region locking, allowing mod feature ...

The_Infected1685d ago

@ hatsune-miku

It's not all about the technical capabilities. It's about the experience overall I say.

ALLWRONG1684d ago

Wii U is 3 times more powerful than current consoles and it's the same price.

Nintendo is doing a great job securing 3rd party support and has welcomed the core gamer with open arms. As far as multiplatform games are concerned, the Wii U is a far sexier choice than PS3 or 360.

I know people want to say but "what about 720 and PS4" but the fact is we will see Wii U/360/PS3 before we see Wii U/PS4/720. We still know nothing about the 720 or PS4... nothing.

Wii U will be entering the market against the 360 and PS3, at the same price. Which one do you think people are going to buy? Nintendo is going to take a huge chunk of the core, casual, and tech junkie base right off the bat.

Next gen has started, Sony and MS are late for the bus.

Autodidactdystopia1684d ago

"The Next-Gen console war has begun."

There, now my OCD can calm down.

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Lockon1685d ago

Most fitting video ever.

Surge31684d ago

I stopped reading after "ketchup"


What did the big tomato (Wii U) say to the little tomato.... KETCHUP

Slapshot821684d ago

You caught that too huh? #Fail

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LX-General-Kaos1685d ago

After a long wait, it is nice to see that Nintendo was the first to kick off the next generation of home console gaming. It has been a good long time since the Nintendo brand had the first outing. So far things are looking positive, and full of innovative titles. I predict that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet controller and its unique functions will shape the future of how games are experienced.

Looking forward to see what competing consoles do as well.

Rated E For Everyone

WeskerChildReborned1685d ago

No doubt that Sony and Microsofts system will probably have better graphics but i'm still excited for Wii U. |

It's an interesting idea for a console to have a tablet like screen on the controller.

LX-General-Kaos1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

When it comes to consoles anything can happen. History is proof that you can not tell who will be the most powerful, or who will win from the beginning. The only thing that is concrete is that E3 2013 is going to be an entertaining battlefield in the online space, especially here

Rated E For Everyone

ozzywazzy1685d ago

I think this is the first comment where you sound like less of a tool and more of a gamer. Gj

HammadTheBeast1685d ago

I'm going to be honest, your comments make me want to punch you in the throat. But good luck.

Also, how have the Next-gen console wars begun with only one competitor? Mind = Blown.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1685d ago

The best console war was between Nintendo and Sega back in the day. Yet, that's neither here nor there. I am excited to see what this generation of consoles will bring to the table.

SheaHoff1685d ago

I'm definitely interested to see what happens!