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Submitted by FXGAMESKILLEEN 1243d ago | opinion piece

Why PlayStation 3 gamers have a right to complain about Bethesda.

Recently there has been an uproar on the internet from PS3 users about the 2nd class treatment they have been receiving from Bethesda Software, the creators of the Elder Scrolls series. The problem is two parts. First is the constant performance issues plaguing the PS3 version in comparison to the other versions, but also there is uncertainty as to whether PS3 gamers will see the two released DLC packs, Dawnguard and Hearthfire or not; which both currently are available on the Xbox 360 (PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

wishingW3L  +   1244d ago
I think
everybody has the right to complain and be disappointed when all of a sudden a multiplat game which you liked goes exclusive to certain platform. Now the problem is when people start with the death threats and all that other immature stuff... Sooner or later you'll be forced to accept reality one way or the other and move on. You either buy the console to play the game or you don't.
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decrypt  +   1243d ago
Sony designed the PS3 with simple to play corridor games in mind. They never realised that this gen would bring complex open world games. Hence the PS3 tends to struggle at it.

Not that 360 does a whole lot better, its just that out door games like Skyrim run best on PC. Hell even when they dont the modding community takes care of it, better than the devs can lol.

I would think Sony is to blame for poor design and arrogance in not asking any devs for their opinion when developing the PS3. Its why Sony is making the next Playstation more PC like.


None of those games you mentioned have an inventory of thousands of items, that can be moved around the world. The game needs to register those items in the memory, when the next time you are back they are still there. Hence none of those games are comparable to a game like Skyrim, try harder.

No point blaming bethesda when Sony has admitted PS3 has its limitations, Sony cant implement cross game chat or a good browser due to those limitations for crying out loud lol. Its about time people stop picking on Bethesda.
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StrongMan  +   1243d ago
GTA4, Red Dead Redemption, Infamous, Infamous 2, Just Cause 2, Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed 2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Assassin's Creed: Revelations are all open world games that all play great on PS3. Why can't Bugthesda do the same?
Imalwaysright  +   1243d ago
@ StrongMan You should add Oblivion to that list! 4J Studios did a better job with Bethesda's own engine than bethesda themselves. Either Bethesda doesnt know how to code or they just dont care!
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Red_Orange_Juice  +   1243d ago
I expect more from studio named developer of the year, its all on Bethesda
t0mmyb0y  +   1243d ago
I think it's more they never game the time to learn the PS3 properly and instead of trying they just said no. Kind of like a little baby.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1243d ago
And yet 360 cannot do a game like uncharted,infamous2 or gow3, gt5.!!!Etc
extermin8or  +   1243d ago
wtf are you on? oblivion was a launch title in the eu, infamous was in development when ps3 was 1st announced, R* have been making an exclusive game for ps3 (what it will be who knows, will it be AGENT or another one now?)and Assassins Creed started life as a ps3 exclusive... yet only the recent bethesda games have issues beacuase of their shitty engine and some of the same issues have reared their heads on other platfroms just not as widespread; mainly pc's with slightly lower amounts of RAM-no other developer has this issue however so it's bethesda's fault not sony's or the ps3s...
ronin4life  +   1243d ago
Perhaps, but Bethesda is still a crappy dev. Even the Xbox and pc versions of most of their games are riddled with bugs...

they DO have equitable experiences though...
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SuperLupe  +   1243d ago
Like somebody pointed out in another thread Sony THEMSELVES are having a hard time getting it to work on PS3 because they CAN NOT ADD RAM

The PS3 can't handle it ... it may sound incredible but thats just the cold hard truth ... the system doesn't have enough RAM.

Now please come and tell how is this Bethseda's fault if even Sony themselves haven't fund teh solution ??

I need some twisted N4G logic to explain this to please otherwise I won't get an answer, so go ahead N4Gers !
FXGAMESKILLEEN  +   1244d ago
umm I think your talking about Platinum Games
chukamachine  +   1243d ago

Can't code for shit.

Skyrim is a bargin bin game anyway, like most rpg's.
19993568  +   1243d ago
It's not a bargain bin game on the 360, the console that the game runs perfectly on.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1243d ago
It doesn't "run perfectly" on the 360 though.
Why do people keep saying that?
I have a few friends that play it on the 360 and they have problems with freezing, framerate and random bugs too.

The best platform to get a copy of Skyrim was the PC and that's because all of the modders fixed the game and updated the graphics.

Seriously screw Bethesda.

and screw the gaming media for all of the 10/10 scores they gave the game especially to the PS3 version because they fooled the gamers into buying this bug ridden game.
dragonyght  +   1243d ago
Lol i don't think this guy ever had skyrim on the 360
Imalwaysright  +   1243d ago
LMAO the game is broken mess on all platforms it was released in. Who are you trying to fool?
Colts420  +   1243d ago
It ran great on my 360 no problems at all
nukeitall  +   1243d ago
I believe the problem lies with Sony:

"Skyrim: Bethesda collaborating with Sony to get Dawnguard working on PS3"

Even Sony could NOT get it to work! Works everywhere else though....
Thatguyinthesuit  +   1243d ago
though this is a late reply let me just point out that your comment would have had more truth to it had you focused on Sony's development of the PS3 and not that article.

It's not that Sony couldn't get it to work themselves since I doubt they put enough workforce on the project to make the term "they couldn't make it work" acceptable in context.

If they can get a talented 1st party dev team to help with it and it still doesn't improve then you can say that Sony can't get it to work. Otherwise it's still Bethesda who can't get it to work.
nukeitall  +   1243d ago

"If they can get a talented 1st party dev team to help with it and it still doesn't improve then you can say that Sony can't get it to work. Otherwise it's still Bethesda who can't get it to work."

Sony put resources to it and they couldn't get it to work (so far). Do you know who 1st party goes to for help?

The very same people that help Bethesda. That is how Sony shares information between their studios. There is a group of people there to help 3rd parties connect with inside knowledge and in some instances with other 1st party team members to solve "complex problems".

The bottom line is, Sony narrowly defined the architecture and made a bet that didn't pan out with the PS3 architecture.

Next generation, Sony will do a 180 degree turn and PS4 will drop Cell.

So yes, Sony couldn't get it to work so far.
Sticky__Rice  +   1243d ago
After everything thats happened with this game on the console, do you really think majority of ps3 owners even bother? It should be common sense that Bethesda doesn't really like the ps3 community. They're just extra cash to them. People should think about it and look back on the history of Bethesda this Gen.

EDIT: Disagree, It's the truth. But do you really think they released oblivion on ps3 just because they wanted to please ps3 owners?
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BrutallyBlunt  +   1243d ago
Oblivion disagrees with you.

PS3 owners have a right to complain, they just want things to work and not have the system be treated as 2nd class. However Sony needs to listen more from game developers and not have hardware that makes things more difficult.
Allsystemgamer  +   1243d ago
Pc players say that all the time then ps3 players call them elitist snobs.
extermin8or  +   1243d ago
no it doesn't- horse armour, and the dlc released on playsatation store instead of only avaialable in GOTY edition? nope hmmm but it was on other platforms; this said i loved oblivion and had been looking forward to the same thing for skyrim but it wasn't there it got boring too fast, mainly because of the bugs and freezing etc o i cba and it wasn't really colourful enough that was the charm of oblivion it was typical fantasy world straight out of lord of the rings :p

and @Allsystemgamer: no people treat pc players as elitist knobs when they start going on about their rig that cost mor than a fucking car; and then complain few devs bother to support something 'rare' in comparision to the number of people with the average tech capabilities for that time period when the game was released....
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XB1_PS4  +   1243d ago
I love Skrim, I honestly cannot believe that it's that bad on PS3. It makes me sad that you didn't experience the game that I did on the 360. I heard about a lot of bugs, but I didn't run into a SINGLE one. Which made me happy. :)
Dreamer09  +   1243d ago
Me too!
Sticky__Rice  +   1243d ago
I bought it for Ps3 & i was hooked for the first 3 months. It was an amazing game. But they really didn't give us ps3 owners the quality assurance that they gave to the 360 & PC. Afterall.. thats the most important market to them.
dboyman  +   1243d ago
My friend got the 360 version and was frustrated with the bugs in the game. (the 360 is not as buggy as ps3 version, but still has bugs). He also is one of the 360 owners who do not bash the ps3 and respects others choices in platforms, and feels Bethesda basically gave ps3 owners "the middle finger". He then told me he will never buy another Bethesda game, except on the pc, since he believes the mod community can do a better job with fixing the game, than Bethesda themselves.

Myself that why I waited till bought it on steam during sale and play it on the best platform for the game, the PC. Access to mods and more ram make a difference with their games.

Sony better make sure they don't gimp on Ram with PS4 (4GB or 8GB would do), as well easier to develop platform (Still would like them to be most powerful console though :))..

But Bethesda is not blameless either. As many people stated, on all platforms bethesda developed (360, ps3, pc)a lot of the games released when first come out are quite buggy, and have to be heavily patched later (least PC has mod community). they need to step up on QA for future games, and maybe a better coded engine. 4J Studios got Oblivion working well on ps3.

Still when the ps4 hits and bethesda offers to develop games for the platform, it might backfire on them in future. People who had ps3s and skyrim for ps3 plagued with bugs will remember how Bethesda essentially "abandoned" them and will avoid their future games..
Colts420  +   1243d ago
Same here still runs great on my 360 glad I didnt buy it for my PS3.By the way 360 can handle God of War and the rest of these games people are mentioning.They are just exclusive thats all.If they were ported to 360 they would probally look better and run better 2.My PS3 collects dust thats about it.Sorry but thats the truth.
XB1_PS4  +   1243d ago
Mine does too, mostly because all of my friends have XBOX.. The only time I play the ps3 is for the exclusives and my ps+ games.
Rumplebumpkin  +   1243d ago
BlaqMagiq24  +   1243d ago
Yeah you keep telling yourself that
Persistantthug  +   1243d ago
@Colts420.....I doubt it...
The PS3 is more powerful than the XBOX 360.
dragonyght  +   1243d ago
Any costumer who brought a broken good had the right to complain and get a refund its not something exclusive to ps3 owner
Allsystemgamer  +   1243d ago
Dark souls on pc was broken yet we got called entitled snobs for wanreplyolid controller(kbm) to work.
dubt72  +   1243d ago
I love Bethesda, and what do "costumers" have to do with anything? It's not Halloween yet!
00000000000000000001  +   1243d ago
You guys do realize that SONY has been working with Bethesda for quite some time trying to get the DLC working! It looks like SONY can't even get Skyrim to run decent on there own console!
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madjedi  +   1243d ago
And funny enough most of the ps3 first party games are all fairly bug free and run almost perfectly(ever game will have a few bugs/glitches).

Sounds like skyrim is just not coded well enough, seriously using multiplatform games as ammunition in a console war what is this 2008-2009. Get new material already.

Well kojima had no issues with the ps3, but he is a couple levels above the bethesda devs.

I have to wonder how people posting have actually gotten any of the skills to 100, even the crafting ones.

I'll just pick up goty edition when it drops to $29.
MDC31  +   1243d ago
ps3 fans should blame sony not bethesda
fossilfern  +   1243d ago
What ?
kwyjibo  +   1243d ago
Buy a Bethesda game not on PC?

greenpowerz  +   1243d ago
The game and its tech is too ambitious for PS3 hardware. Being mad at the developer is pointless, be mad at Sony after all they designed PS3 and then had Sony's best come in and tried to help bethesda to no avail.

Should gamers be upset at devs because the Wii U can run huge complex retail games in 1080p and the PS3 and even the 360 can not?
DaPrintz  +   1243d ago
When was Skyrim announced for Wii U? What other Bethesda games were announced for Wii U?
greenpowerz  +   1243d ago
I was talking about hardware capability being able to run games at different levels. I didn't say Skyrim was coming to Wii U. I was saying Wii u can run games at higher resolutions when the 360 and PS3 can not and the devs shouldn't be blamed. I can see how you could think I said that the way I posted my comment(on a phone)


TLOU is a linear game with static painted graphics. I would say huge or sandbox game with coop, with vehicles on the ground and in the air, enemies with smart AI is a better judge of capability hence the article you're in LOL

I remember the days before PS3 came out and the only proof Sony and fans were boasting describing how powerful the PS3 was, is the fact Sony claimed how many enemies and objects were on screen all at ounce and how real the worlds would be(dynamic)

Now it seems it was the 360 is the console able to do what people thought of as a PS3 only capability.
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nihonlight  +   1243d ago
To ambitious!!? Oblivion map was twice the size.

If ambition is tracking cheese wheels and cabbages then... I guess..

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ronin4life  +   1243d ago
There were few if any devs that didn't run into problems with the PS3. It was really hard to make games for. That doesn't mean Bethesda isn't at fault though, as even devs that hadn't got accustomed to the PS3 fully still managed to make halfway decent games at worst...
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MrAnderson  +   1243d ago
First off, Oblivions map was nowhere close to 2x the size, second of all 3/4 of it was huge open grassy fields with nothing in them.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1243d ago
oh, please, tell me a game that matches the last of us quality on 360? too tech ambitious? are you 12? is assassins creed 3 exclusive ps3 dlc content too much for 360 then? aparently it is because its not going to 360.
makemyteapunk  +   1243d ago
Last of Us does not look as good as Gears 3, not to mention Gears 3 has some of the best MP around.

The AC DLC is not coming to 360 because Sony paid them off, not because it wont run. That was a very poor attempt at spin.
JellyJelly  +   1243d ago

Sony themselves were working alongside Bethesda to get the DLC working. How come you aren't blaming Sony also? It's their hardware, and Bethesda aren't the only third party dev that has had problem with it. Far from it.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1243d ago
Just sell the game
the DLC is nothing to hold onto the game for. After you beat the main quest and level your character to about lvl 40 the game gets incredibly easy/boring

Oblivion >>>> Skyrim
typeN8  +   1243d ago
Yep had to trade in my ps copy for a 360 one. Lucky for me the guy at the store let me trade straight across. Bethesda really messed up.
nihonlight  +   1243d ago



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makemyteapunk  +   1243d ago
They don't have a right to complain. They were not promised this DLC and did not pay for it.

They should complain to Sony if anyone because they seem to be able to get it to work on the 360.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1243d ago
So the words on the back cover of the PS3 version of the game ADD-ON CONTENT means nothing right?
makemyteapunk  +   1243d ago
"add on content" does not signify a promise of any DLC that will be released. If you think that does and that a contractual obligation has been broken by them not releasing this DLC, you should go see a lawyer to see how far you get. You will be laughed out of town.
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sdplisken  +   1243d ago
just give us the next elder scrolls game's first 2 dlcs free and were good

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