Hitman: Absolution is my Most Anticipated Game This Year

Preview of Hitman: Absolution

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Mine was Darksiders 2!!! This game looks awesome!

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2280d ago

MIne was Persona 4 Arena. Although, I do love me some HItman!

TheSuperior 2280d ago

Playing through blood money right now. This is my most anticipate game of the year too

Sabatasso2280d ago

If you care about gaming, you thrash your console and buy PC games.

deep_fried_bum_cake2280d ago

What do I thrash them with? My hand? A newspaper? A belt?

Anyway, stupid comment.

TCG_Returns2280d ago

Yeah, if you care about gaming, smash the console that plays all your games.


TheGrimBunny2280d ago

wow, dunno what to say about that one. everyone should be entitled to their preferences, what they grew up playing and the list goes on.

No doubt the PC is a machine with power not everyone has money for a good one or wants to use the same thing high school kids write their essays on for gaming.

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