MGM acquires Metro 2033 film rights

The relationship between movies and games is a bit like the occasional reunion of a bitterly divorced couple. However, we’ve been seeing some improvement in film adaptions of games lately. Perhaps the ultimate solution is a film based on both a book and a game? MGM seems to think so.

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Kran2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Please dont be another bad horror movie like Doom was. :(

wallis2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Just quickly but I'll have you know the Doom movie succeeded in terrifying me - it's actually really scary. I nearly had a heart attack at several points throughout the film... I think the scariest part was realizing that the Rock would pick up a cheque at the end of the film with a number on it that's bigger than what I earn in a year. All thanks to his "acting". Other moments like CGI that was worse than Doom 3's own cutscenes also kept me up for a few nights.

*shivers* absolutely spine tingling.

wallis2103d ago

I'd consider this an adaptation of a novel, not a video game. Simply because a)book is at the start of things, so it's the origin of the ideas, characters, setting etc. and b) Hollywood has a hard enough time not laughing out loud every time someone mentions the word "video game".

Also - I guess the real reason I'd consider this an adaptation of a novel and NOT the game is because the game doesn't need to be adapted. It's great. If i want an intense block buster cinematic experience with characters and dialog I can play the game and I guarantee it'll be a better effort than most movies. Whereas how often do you read a book and wonder how different directors might visually represent certain elements of the literature? There's a clear need for translation and there's room for a bit of innovation and fun. But metro 2033 is visual, audio, and interactive. The ONLY thing a movie could possibly do to that equation is subtract interactivity - and that's just terrible.

Maybe games just don't need movie adaptions.

BlackIceJoe2103d ago

Well this could be pretty good. I read the story not that long ago before l played the first game & the world is perfect for a film. I am waiting for the sequel to get translated so l can read that one too. I hope with MGM doing better then it has in the past the next movie they will make will be a new Stargate too.