Overpriced Dinobot skins who's to blame Matt Tieger or Activision?

HiddenMission writes: Transformers Fall of Cybertron was easily one of my most anticipated titles of 2012 and on so many fronts it delivered on its promises but on others I felt like I was completely ripped off. Who’s to blame I have a few ideas but as of right now my targets are locked in on Matt Tieger and Activision.

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Dlacy13g2281d ago

Ugghh... this just wreaks of greed.

StanSmith2281d ago

I know this will get me disagrees, but the real reason is because War For Cybertron ended up with a separated online community due to not everyone buying the DLC. To combat this, High Moon Studios put the DLCs on disc.

It sucks and there are probably other ways around it, but I understand why they did it. In my opinion, it wasn't greed In this case. I think Matt and the team's hearts are in the right place but it could have been executed better.

Godmars2902281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

For mindlessly buying DLC in the first place.

Have to wonder though, if people had done the right thing and not bought DLC and DLC heavy titles, would the industry have realized the mistake. Even with "fanboys" complaining throughout forums such were the case, would companies be able to retool themselves back into a "all content in one package" model.

Could they afford it, given that some can't put out a "finished" game that requires near constant patching.

Naners2281d ago

So tired of DLCs like this. Seems like a lot of companies are purposefully withholding things they know will make them a quick buck now instead of offering them as a simple thanks or a perk to fans who believe in their game. I know that bottom line, companies are out to make money, but come on. It's getting out of hand.

MySwordIsHeavenly2281d ago

Charging $15 for two maps? - Bad (COD)

Charging $10 for two maps, making a third one free, and adding new weapons? - Good (PayDay: The Heist)

Charging nothing and giving us every map pack for free? - INCREDIBLE! (Starhawk)

Lucretia2281d ago

im almost shocked you have disagrees.

apparently people love to pay more for less

MDC312281d ago

i would say sony for their dlc greed

ZombieKiller2281d ago

@MDC: Or we could blame D-bags like you for your unintelligent comments and fanboyism. If MicroSoft never entered this game at all I bet that things wouldn't be overpriced. M$ was the first to take wayy too much of your money and you gave in like the fanboy you are. From there it's monkey see, monkey do. Activision was the first real monkey to see that this gen.
It's definitely Activision, look at COD! They can do it with COD, they can do it with ALL GAMES.

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