Bleszinski: 'I sometimes wonder if we'll find ourselves in a PC/Phone/Tablet future'

Consoles may not play a part in the future of the games industry, Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski has suggested, saying that he "sometimes wonders if we'll find ourselves in a PC/Phone/Tablet future."

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taquito2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

word up qweefy b

it's the code word

no matter where you say it, you KNOW that you'll be heard!

pc is, and always will be THE place for the hardcore gamer, it is the main nerve center of all that is good in gaming

mods, cutting edge graphics, astonishing levels of multiplayer interaction

consoles are on the way out, i do think ps4 will come out and maybe a new xbox, after that, most likely not, and the next gen of sony and microsoft consoles will not be anywhere near as successful as this gen, nintendo wii u is going to do very well i think.

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G33K2279d ago

Pc gaming is for manchildren

Dr Face Doctor2279d ago

If the PC is so great, why haven't they made a PC2 yet?

vortis2279d ago

They's called the PS3. /s

I kid, I kid.

Have mercy on me Master Race...MERCY!

gamernova2278d ago

I'm a pc gamer and I approve of this comment haha

CalvinKlein2279d ago

OMG we are in the future? We already have those things.

Ive always felt that no matter how powerful phones or tablets get, we will always be able to cram better tech into something bigger that uses more power like a console and computer. You will notice the same thing with laptops. They have gotten alot more powerfull and alot cheaper but people still buy desktops to get more power into the bigger box that uses more power.

Also there will always people who would rather play games on a console than a PC. PC and Console market is mostly different people with some overlap. Ive always played on consoles and PC but very few of my friends played on PC and those ones that did were mostly PC gamers that dabbled in consoles.

BushLitter2279d ago

Should have found yourselves there some time ago. Gears was brilliant, but I shudder to think what you may have achieved had you optimised yourselves to PC

Zeixama2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Cliff, you sound like that you are lost and needs some guidance as feedback from gamers, especially from those ones waiting your next game, with chainsaw gunnas.

Yeah, make your games for more platforms; mobile or hardcore, but let your games be special or unique for every releasing platform. Consoles are evolving to a complete home entertainment systems rather than just plain gaming machine.And you will be there with supporting.

MDC312279d ago

well one thing is for sure- sony's future is definitely bleak

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