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Mat Paget: "I think everyone can agree that ninjas are awesome. But there haven't really been a lot of proper ninja videogames. Sure, I know what you'll say: "But Mat, Ninja Gaiden is a ninja videogame." Well, I'm going to stop you right there because it totally isn't. There's nothing ninja about running head-on to a group of guys, and performing seemingly endless combos until the limbs of your enemies have painted the area red. And I'm sure the ninjas in Mortal Kombat get into ninja shenanigans on their own time, but fighting in a tournament is not ninja. At all. And sure, Batman may know ninjitsu, and act similar to one, but it's just not the same. No, there haven't been many proper portrayals in videogames. But don't worry, because Klei Entertainment has managed to make a really awesome game that does justice to the word, 'ninja'."

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