Here’s How The Wii U Could Make RPGs Better

Jason Schreier : I am not a game designer. I have made games before, but they were not very good. My talents lie elsewhere. So when I write about games, I consciously try to avoid offering my own suggestions for what their designers should have implemented or cut. My job is to critique what's there, not talk about what they should have done.

But today is special. I spent most of yesterday fiddling around with the Wii U during Nintendo's big bonanza in New York City, and all I could think about was how many cool features it could bring to the world of role-playing games. The Wii U's tablet controller—which is constantly tethered to your game and could be used for all sorts of dual-screen experiences almost like a bigger, more versatile DS—opens up a whole lot of opportunities.

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LX-General-Kaos2286d ago

Everything that you have mention in the article is spot on. Nobody could have said it better. Hopefully when RPGs are released on the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system, all of what you had mentioned is utilized in the final product.

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Dr_Salvitor2286d ago

lets hope so, there is already a few on the way.

taquito2286d ago

tablet controller has TONS of potential, totally hyped for wii u

bring on the quirky rpgs that last gen ps3/360 were missing besides a few.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2286d ago

Whatever it is make pc lead platform. wiiU will hold it back.

majiebeast2286d ago

I guess clicking 1 button on a controller for the map is too old school... This is just a bunch of gimmicks nothing that improves the overall experience of a rpg these idea's could be in the same catagory as me3 and Skyrim kinect voice commands neat but nothing amazing.

stuntman_mike2286d ago

I just cant wait to get my hand's on a controller and nervously turn on the console for the first time, I wonder what the start up tune will be???

Lucretia2286d ago

the sound will be something childish no doubt.

but hey its cool, i like the Wii start up sound second place compared to the ps3's start up sound

stuntman_mike2286d ago

or the tune could be all the Nintendo share holders laughing at you, while slamming a wad of cash on a wooden table.

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The story is too old to be commented.