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Director Paul Anderson Said Resident Evil 6 Game Will Influence Next Movie

Although Sony Pictures didn’t screen the fifth Resident Evil movie for mainstream media, the film had a solid midnight opening with $655,000 (ahead of the $625,000 that Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D earned). Resident Evil: Retribution 3D is expected to earn over $20 million this weekend as it squares off against the 3D remake of Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo. (Capcom, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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Carl_Shocker  +   579d ago
He means he's watched the trailers and thought the action scenes were a good fit

...Oh for the love of god will they just get rid of him, reboot the franchise and get a new writer who's actually played the games

The worst thing about Paul is that he actually thinks he's do gamers a favor, he thinks because the films do well in the box office that he's the first to make a good video game film. He's so far up his own backside.
Pozzle  +   579d ago
"He means he's watched the trailers and thought the action scenes were a good fit"

Lol my thoughts exactly. How does Anderson even know whether anything from RE6 will fit with the movies' storyline? The game hasn't even been released yet! Oh that's right, he doesn't care much about creating a coherent plot... His last RE movie ripped off a bunch of scenes from RE5's trailers that made no sense in context of the films, so he'll probably just do the same for his next movie. >_>
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aiBreeze  +   578d ago
If ever a film needed a reboot.. this director has to gtfo too. Granted Mortal Kombat was decent, some of his other films were just flat out garbage.. Alien vs Predator comes to mind.
HebrewHammer  +   578d ago
Isn't the damn guy married to Milla Javovich, the actress who plays Alice?

If so, it'll be hard detaching him from the series.
Dmd  +   578d ago
I'd normally agree with you, but since RE5, the movies and the games are not so much different anymore.
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Pozzle  +   579d ago
Wait...so ANOTHER Resident Evil movie is in the works?!
Godmars290  +   578d ago
Notice how since the - third? - every movie was suppose to be the last, only a new one gets announced shortly before or after the release of "the last one"?

And the more it happens, the more the series gets raped. The more the games take on aspects of the movies and vice versa.
LoneWolf019  +   578d ago
No need to even think about it. If you've seen the movie it leaves off for a 6th movie.
strange1986  +   578d ago
That means that one of the monsters in the movie will be modeled after one from the game.
vortis  +   578d ago
In the last movie (and I apologize for keep watching each one, I don't know why I push myself to think they might get better) the one ax dude looked like something out of Silent Hill, not Resident Evil.

I know it was supposed to be the butcher from RE5 but the design and everything screamed Silent Hill.
WeskerChildReborned  +   578d ago
So this confirms another movie? Oh great.
Soldierone  +   578d ago
Okay so far we get from this

-Monster modeled after monster in trailer
-Action scenes for the movie
-It will be yet another Resident Evil movie thats slow to the point, and somehow transfers into the next movie (to ensure his and his wife's job)
-He still thinks he is making perfect video game adaptations...

Honestly the movies are fun to watch, but to say the games are inspiring it at all is laughable....not that the latest games are any better, but come on now.
floetry101  +   578d ago
Paul W.S. Anderson is by all accounts a god-awful hack of a filmmaker. With that said, people need to stop paying to see this garbage. I mean, do they think the series will get better at this point or something?
Lord_Sloth  +   578d ago
The RE movies seem to be watched by many who do not actually play the games, or play games in general. I have friends who don't play games but love these movies. It's beyond me.
DarkBlood  +   578d ago
well hey as the fan of the games i watch the film knowing full well it wasnt going to be a carbon copy of the game series

just gotta learn to seperate the 2
Irishguy95  +   578d ago
As a movie buff(unfortunately..it just sorta happened). Yes his films suck badly. I don't judge movies based on what they are "supposed" to be just like I don't judge games on what they are supposed to be. RE films suck with the exception of the first which was alright. Compared to other movies.
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Sketchy_Galore  +   578d ago
Phew, for a moment there I thought they were talking PT Anderson. I thought he'd lost his damn mind.
Garethvk  +   578d ago
Spoiler!!!! The new one ended with a pretty serious setup for the next part so it seems like its a done deal if it does well at the box office.
Hozi  +   578d ago
Spoiler. The new movie kicks the ass of the last movie but it's still very mediocre because the supporting characters do a shit job...Leon and Ada can't fight for shit!!!!...

and for those who saw the film....
All Wesker had to do was go rescue Alice himself, give her back her power and they would kick all ass....end of film but no, they did it the hard way.
Dms2012  +   578d ago
Not sure which is more depressing, that the next movie will be based off of RE6 or that he is directing the next movie.
Plagasx  +   578d ago

It's bad enough the games aren't getting any better....
Fairchild Channel F  +   578d ago
Well if he's kept busy crapping out a new RE movie every year he won't have time to scribble a new script on a bar napkin in crayon and wreck some new franchise.
Agent_hitman  +   578d ago
Finally, I will have a chance to watch another Acrobatic based RE movie with matching mort combat-like Zombie film... Thanks Paul, it's not RE but damn!, you're making the franchise looks more action than horror..
GrahamGolden  +   578d ago
cant believe ppl watching these b-movies crap
Ultr  +   577d ago
Number one and three were amazing
BLow  +   578d ago
Well, I'm in the minority in here and actually enjoy the movies. I don't take them to seriously and just watch it to see what happens next. I may get some disagrees but I don't care because I like the movies period. It just on this site when something is "bad" or "horrible" people jump on the bandwagon and ride the hell out of it. I guess I'm the only one on this site that enjoys the movies. Oh well, bring on the next one....haha
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   577d ago
I can't believe this was the same director of Event Horizon......
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   576d ago
I hope she throws weapons at the screen in the next one. I simply can't watch an action movie without the lead character throwing weapons at the screen.
Malevolent_King  +   571d ago
SPOILERS: Paul Anderson SHOULD NOT be allowed to kill off famous Resident Evil video game characters (Barry). He actually shouldn't be allowed to make these movies... except for his wife, he makes all the Resident Evil heroes look weak and pathetic and act nothing like the characters from the video games whereas Leon for example is a one man army and the movie shames the history of the character by making him unsympathetic towards Alice going after her "daughter" many times saying he's not sure if he would do the same, going after "One" person, whereas he does that in every game. Ashley, Ada, Claire, Sherry, Angela. Leon would risk his life to save anyone and always succeed. He eats Las Plagas for lunch and shats it out. I call on everyone to not go see his next film. Let him put all his money into that production, have little to no turn out and have him lose everything.

On a side note, from that still of the video up there, isn't he starting to look like Clancy Brown?

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