Gamestop Goes Crazy With Wii U Bundles - Lists Ultimate Bundle For $1000, Big Boy Bundle For $510

Gamestop was the first retailer to list Wii U games for $100 back when Wii U games didn't have set prices and now, they have listed a ton of different Wii U bundles, with one even reaching the $1000 mark.

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Relientk771983d ago

Wow, I read the title correctly, it definitely does say $1000

Zeixama1983d ago

Where is iWii-th U version; the one made with Apple and goes for $800

BringingTheThunder1983d ago

why not just call it the hardcore bundle or something

Relientk771983d ago

^ Yea they could have basically picked any other name and it would have been better

GamePodunk1983d ago

I was thinking the same thing... :/

That said, I do like the games it comes with though.

TrendyGamers1983d ago

Yeah, can't wait for ZombiU.

ozzywazzy1982d ago

Does it come with big boy pants?

LOL_WUT1982d ago

How about big boy underwear?

ChunkyLover531983d ago

Next gen starts when Nintendo says so!

HammadTheBeast1983d ago

If I remember correctly, Xbox launched before Wii last gen.

ZeekQuattro1983d ago

Your right the Xbox did come out before the Wii. It also came out before the Xbox360 and the PS3. lmao Who knew?

Shok1983d ago

.........I'm excited for the Wii U too,

but don't turn Drone on us lol.

Outside_ofthe_Box1983d ago

What an arrogant thing for you to say!

MDC311983d ago

i preordered the big boy bundle and the gamepad is perfect for my oversized hands... ps3's controller on the other hand.... ps3 fans must definitely be small down there

blumatt1983d ago

Seriously, man?? Seriously? The DualShock is loved my alot of people. It may not be right for you, but it works just fine for me and millions of others.

That said, I do feel like Sony might (and I say might) change their controller up a bit for the PS4 (Orbis). It's about a 50/50 chance. (I doubt it though.)

Your comment was extremely immature. Congrats.

The Wii U looks pretty cool. I didn't get the Wii, but I really am thinking about buying the Wii U. I need me some Mario. haha

Lucretia1983d ago

@MDC31.........Small Down there wow. i mean I guess every ps3 owners GF or wife must be sad.

i mean somethin must be wrong because my fiance is super happy if u know what i mean.

anyway, the controller for the ps3 is 95% perfect, so i dont know why your trolling, oh yeah, ur a troll

omarzy1983d ago

@blumatt. The dualshock is a great controller, but it is a bit small for me and many others. Making it bigger would be welcomed.

moparful991983d ago

I'm 6'4 300+ lbs and I have MAN hands and I have no issues with the dualshock 3 whatsoever.. I've been using the dualshock controller for years, maybe my hands are adapted to using it but Its more comfortable to me than the 360's pad.

dcortz20271983d ago

Same. I have no problem using the Dualshock or any other game controller. Btw, if these are really Ninties prices then they are in for a surprise next gen.

DarkHeroZX1982d ago


Hey my stuff down there tore your mom from her v to her a.

Magnus1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I wonder how many people will buy the $1000 bundle. I think I'll wait to see how it does and preforms before I buy one. I myself I don't like buying a console first day I wait to make sure the bugs are ironed out first.

TrendyGamers1983d ago

I'll just be getting the Deluxe Set and a game or two.

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