Madden NFL 13 Review -

Being a sports title, Madden gets an obligatory shot at improving itself every year, unlike most other games (franchises with development cycles like Assassin’s Creed notwithstanding). And being that this is probably the longest console generation yet, this means EA Sports has had plenty of chances to perfect its approach at simulating NFL football. Usually a new Madden is considered one of two things, a minor tweak and roster update, or a complete overhaul. In this case, Madden 13 is slightly more of the latter, somewhat daring for a late generation release, but does it really change things up for better or worse? In my experience it was mostly the same, though admittedly with far more polish than the last several outings. Find out more as Michael LeParc of Gametactics reviews Madden NFL 13 for the Xbox 360.

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