Cliff Bleszinski - Love to return to Na Pali, Unreal reboot could be a mix between Unreal and Skyrim

DSOGaming writes: "In a Reddit AMA, Cliff Bleszinski revealed that he would love to return to Na Pali and get involved in a new Unreal game. Although Epic is not currently working on something like that, Cliff felt the need to describe what an Unreal reboot would look like. And if you’re expecting to hear about lots of big guns and mayhem, you’ll be disappointed."

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Ben_Grimm2278d ago

I could get down with that.

jimbobwahey2278d ago

The only good thing Epic ever made was Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2004.

konnerbllb2278d ago

Unreal and Unreal II were good.

MDC312278d ago

this would be cool but probably only possible on next gen hardware which would be the wii u and pc

GezForce2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

@MDC31... you must be Wiitarded. on topic, hope they have the resources to reboot unreal one day. i remember playing this years ago and being totally gobsmacked by the beautiful alien environments and sheer scope of the world. personally this game dethroned the doom series as my best single player fps experience at the time. Cliffy make it happen. Carmack has got the great doom 3 coming to ps3/360 anytime hopefully epic will follow suit with Unreal.

Bigpappy2278d ago

That would be really nice to play. But, I don't see epic putting that much time into such a big project.

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