Kobe vs Jordan NBA 2k13 Trailer

Check out the New NBA 2k13 Dream Team Trailer ft Kobe vs Jordan.

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tictac2612255d ago

Jordan hits that shot and 92 dream team win trust and believe that hot tho will be bying

NYC_Gamer2255d ago

I hope 2K release the dlc free of charge to us who aren't doing the pre order thing

thegamingadvisory212255d ago

I think they will keep the dlc free, havent done that yet but if they follow the trend it will be bad biz.

xJumpManx2255d ago

Thats cruel. We all know Jordan buries that shot, Kobe hangs his head and LBJ runs and cries to the refs.

thegamingadvisory212255d ago

You and tictac are so right jordan best closer ever

n4f2255d ago

clearly an insult to jordan
i mean kobe is good but comparing him to jordan is wayyy too much

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