Unreal Engine on Playstation 3 delayed Turok: Developer

In a recent interview with, Josh Holmes, Vice President and Studio Manger for Propaganda Games said that porting the Unreal Engine to the PS3 was the main reason why the game was delayed until early this year.

He also discusses the next games his studio is working on and multi-platform development.

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mighty_douche3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Well in that case we should all thank the PS3.

If this game was released sooner in a "quiet period" some poor [email protected] might of actually bought it.

TheExecutive3732d ago

exactly. the ps brand has always separated the good developers from the bad ones early on in their respective lifecycles. Only after engines get farmed do these average developers produce games on time. It happened with the ps2 and its happening with the ps3.

Cwalat3732d ago


u nailed it.

just what i was thinking...
u cant jump into a new console hoping that u wont have issues.
the really great devs will first try to understand the PS3 tech before doing anything..

fusionboxer3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

That sony was consistently shipping out dev tools to everyone out there to help development on the ps3 and cell.

What I'm saying is, it's not the fault of Sony or the ps3 because the help was there and the majority of studios failed to grab it. Instead they all depended on one studio to do all the work for them while other studios like Insomniac, Evolution, Ninja Theory, Sony Japan, Criterion, Epic, Infinity Ward and Free Radical took it upon themselves to work with the ps3 and create an engine that would in turn benefit both consoles.

Silicon Knights learned this the hard way and after ditching the unreal engine they were able to create a game that looked far better then what it originally was and this was for the 360, which the unreal engine was supposedly more suited for!

I mean in it's just becoming more and more apparent who can handle next gen development and who can't.

sonarus3732d ago

well at leats it wasnt a crappy port now that epic succesfully ported ue3 on the ps3 it will make it easier for all other devs trying to do the same thing. ps3 is on the rise all those devs shafting ps3 like capcom and some other fools better start to re evaluate their strategy

Bazookajoe_833732d ago

I would have been smarter for one company to make a porting of the engine and then sell/give whatever it away to other developer.

TheExecutive3732d ago

it would have made better games but not very good business tactics.

Ghoul3732d ago

well its simply not allowed for a studio wich licensed the engine from epic to hand out any ue3 related code to third parties

cellypower3732d ago

"If you lead on the PS3, you don't have any problems taking that and moving it to the 360." "our lead platform was the Xbox 360 and that's why it took a little bit more effort at the end to the PS3 comparable to the 360." I guest next time ps3 will be there lead.

Martini3731d ago

So PS 3 code will run no problem on 360 but the 360 code won't run good on PS3. Sounds like 360 has more under the hood.

King20083732d ago

this guy admitted that games should be started on PS3 simply because it makes games better on both systems. After the demo honestly i wouldnt put this game no where near my ps3 or xbox. I have an idea for a lead character big friggin muscles and a mohawk...other dork...thats awesome /sarcasm The main guy sucks so i dont want the game.

TheExecutive3732d ago

it may be a rental when the games get slow...

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The story is too old to be commented.