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Video games can become great films, and this is why

Find out why one player thinks hope still exists for video game-based movies. (Assassin's Creed, Culture, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PS3, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Xbox 360)

omarzy  +   953d ago
They could be great films by normal standards and it depends on the game. Try making an Ocarina of Time movie that satisfies The zelda fanbase. It is not even out yet and i already hate the movie is the mentality that people would have(myself included) You could have Burton, spielburg, fincher, cameron, scorsese, tarintino, and Shigeru Miyamato himself with 500 trillion dollars and it would not be a hit with the core fanbase.

Bottom line: Too high of expectations from the fanbases on games that would actually be well received and too low of a fanbase for games that would not be judged based on how well the game was made instead of the movie itself. It is just too much to deal with and that is why nobody does it.
Megaton  +   953d ago
Silent Hill is still the only good one, IMO. Unless I'm being nostalgic and liking things for being corny and bad, then maybe you could throw Mario Bros, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat onto that list.

Point is that no, video games can't become great films. Something has to change first. It's like the people who want to create them come at the project with a completely wrong mentality. Thinking they'll just throw a franchise into a blender, sprinkle some Hollywood dust onto it, and gamers will line up around the block to see it.

Sometimes video game stories are meant to stay in video games.

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