Review: Retro/Grade (New Gamer Nation)

With Guitar Hero gone and Rock Band on a break, there are not many music games out there. However, it looks like the music-action game isn’t dead quite yet, as can be seen with the release of the Playstation 3 exclusive Retro/Grade, one of the best new games to hit the PSN in some time. Retro/Grade doesn’t look like an ordinary guitar game; it’s perfectly playable, and in some ways more so, with an ordinary Dual Shock 3 controller. Retro/Grade’s concept is that it’s actually an arcade shoot-em-up with side-scrolling action. However, in Retro/Grade, something has gone wrong. At the end of the game, Rick Rocket, who is the hero, discovers that all his fighting has created a rupture in the space-time continuum and the only way to fix this is by travelling backwards in time and erasing his every move. So get out your Playstation guitar and your money, as Retro/Grade will be worth your while.

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