Take 2 investor meeting to be streamed via Internet, will a GTA V release window be revealed?

GTA V release period could be hinted at or perhaps not, but for those interested in the upcoming Take 2 annual shareholders meeting, an audio stream will be made available.

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bunt-custardly2282d ago

Naturally, the meeting will be lots of corporate speak and rhetoric, but most likely those in attendance will want to know about the figures and how their investments will fare moving forwards through the financial year. GTA V will no doubt be a big part of that for T2.

r1sh122282d ago

not only that, if the meeting is public many facts will be left out or very un-clear.
They will talk about growth plans etc more than release dates

iamnsuperman2282d ago

Which I think is very odd to do. It would be nice to hear their growth plans but still very odd

3-4-52281d ago

March 2013..can't wait