Nintendo sees no danger in releasing numerous Mario games

Nintendo is not fearful that continually releasing new Mario games will come back to bite the company.

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jc485732286d ago

just announce the new Zelda game already.

iamnsuperman2286d ago

People do not seem to mind. I am not a fan of Mario games (I really disliked Super Mario galaxy 2) but it seems a lot of people are so I agree there seems to be no harm.

zebramocha2286d ago

Technically there is no problem,it's how do you keep the ip fresh?

DivineAssault 2286d ago

I dont think nintendo knows how to create a new game anymore... Just recycle what they have over n over w btr graphics

Kos-Mos2286d ago

They certainly knows how to create games compared to all these teenager crap games: cod,gow,gears,me,gta,halo,kill zone.

Mikefizzled2286d ago

Seriously your picking some fight bad mouthing some of the biggest hardcore IPs this gen. Fight the fight but you'll be on your own no doubt about that.

DivineAssault 2286d ago

Judging by your avatar & name, id think u were knowledgable about games.. I agree that this gen is flooded with shooters but Sony is the only company making new games in multiple genres.. Its ok to make sequels & do the same game a different way but nintendo has been doing the same damn thing for decades.. I respect their work but i feel they should add more..

N64s launch with mario & pilot wings offered more than all the wii u 1st party games combined.. Revolutionary 3D gameplay & well thought out designs.. These other party games aren't as impact full. & since N64, not much has changed in all their franchises.. Waggling a wii mote isnt exactly making a groundbreaking new game

HammadTheBeast2286d ago

LOL This guy says GTA is crap, good luck in life bro. Also, Halo, Killzone, and GoW are crap? You have no taste in gaming then.

TekoIie2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

All those games are really fun so stfu!!!!

Also by "gow" do you mean God of war or Gears of war? Actually why would i care? I like both!

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NukaCola2286d ago

I am burnt out on the 2D Mario games and I really want something fresh from the series. My favorite Mario games are the RPGs and I really hope the WiiU gets a Paper Mario or Mario and Luigi RPG game.

Also, would love to see now that Nintendo is getting good in with other developers, maybe they can work with Myst Walker to create a JRPG Legend of Zelda something similar to the classic Mario RPG from the good old days. Not looking for a Skyrim, but I would love to see a turned-based Zelda title. Just kind of want to see it before I leave this world.

ChunkyLover532286d ago

They release varied Mario games, I prefer the 3D ones like Galaxy, but I also enjoy the throwback games like New Super Mario Bro's.

As long as they are still good and people still want them, why not release them?

I'm starting to understand that the only people who complain about "milking" are ones who are never happy with anything, so they find the need to complain.

SaffronCurse2286d ago

People still complain that call of duty gets an annual release, Nintendo milks so much of their old franchises.

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The story is too old to be commented.