Gamers Association Reacts To The Wii U

With Nintendo's floodgates finally open, three editors speak their minds in response to yesterday's revealing Wii U news. Spoiler alert: None are overly excited. What are your thoughts?

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HiddenMission2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Im excited but not as a gamer as a media entertainment social network junkie. Next year we'll get the real console gen leap but right now my kids get a new toy to play mario on in hd and i get to enjoy networking all of my media in a way that really appeals to me.

rytlok2284d ago

I'm excited as a gamer,i've been waiting on this for a long time and now that i already have mine pre bought it can't get here quick enough!!!

EPIKgamer2284d ago

your actually really lucky, PRe-orders have been running out everywhere and I actually got one of the last ones at my own gamestop.

MDC312284d ago

wii u makes every gamer proud

Hicken2284d ago

Exactly what about his comment was well said?

Not saying there's anything wrong with the Wii U, but how is his comment eloquent enough for anyone to look at and say, "That was nicely put?"

I imagine I'm asking the wrong person, though, Mr. Nintendo PR Guy.

BrutallyBlunt2284d ago

You are right, you should be asking one of your co-workers who are also employed by Sony like you. If he said the PS3 makes every gamer proud you wouldn't even have hesitated.

3-4-52284d ago

except for those who are too "hardcore " to like anything really. Those people even hate on the games they love. it's weird.

but yea Wii U is going to be awesome when it comes to furthering creativity in the next gen games.

Wii U games will be just as fun if not more so than 720&Ps4 games.

iamnsuperman2284d ago

Why???? I would be proud if I did something but I haven't. Weird comment

WheatBread2284d ago

I'm not excited because I haven't seen anything yet that really makes me want to buy it. When they announce and release trailers of the new HD Mario, Zelda, and F-Zero games then I'll be excited.

Gamer-Z2284d ago

I changed i mind too i think i'm going to wait. I just don't see any reason to buy it right now, maybe if it was launching with a new zelda or metroid game but instead new super mario bro's and multiplats.