Nintendo Wii U: Damned If You Do, Damned if You Don’t

Nerds on the Rocks takes a look at the announcements that Nintendo made at their conference and the general reaction of gamers online.

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tehpees32279d ago

So its no longer rated E for Everyone?

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LOGICWINS2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

"I completely understand WHY people are upset about the game being exclusive. If a game I loved got a sequel on a platform I didn’t own, I would be upset.. but if I really loved it would find a way to play it or own it."

Exactly. When I found out that Shenmue 2 was gunna be on the Xbox instead of the Dreamcast, guess what? I got an Xbox.

The people who are angry about Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive represent a new form of stupid. If it wasn't for Nintendo, a Bayonetta 2 wouldn't even exist.

OhMyGandhi2279d ago

this issue with that mentality is that there is no REASON for it to be that way.

Why become a pawn between a game you love and a console you don't own?
I don't understand that at all.

By the way, I got an Xbox for Halo, and Xbox live for Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

darthv722279d ago

i liked MGS2 on xbox and didnt care for MGS3 on PS2. So when MGS4 was announced and not coming for 360, I got a PS3.

It was my choice to either buy the platform and the game or pout out of spite. I like gaming too much to be spiteful.

LOGICWINS2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

You confuse being a pawn with basic "supply and demand". I wanted something, I had the money to buy it...therefore I bought it.

Why do people buy consoles? To play games that they currently don't have access to. Thats the REASON. I don't see how this situation is any different.

There will ALWAYS be games that you would like to play on other platforms.

ChunkyLover532279d ago

Actually I agree with you 100%. I bought a original Xbox for Halo and KOTOR, I bought a Dreamcast for Sonic Adventure and the 2K Sports games, I bought an Xbox 360 for Gears Of War, PS3 for Metal Gear 4 ect...

I'm buying a Wii U because I've long wanted Nintendo's first party games in HD, playing a series I enjoy like Bayonetta just gives me an added bonus. I'm a gamer, so it doesn't really matter which console a game comes out on, I almost always have them all.

DivineAssault 2279d ago

Boyonetta 2 exclusivity is kinda bogus but whos fault is it really? It was gonna get cancelled if no one wanted to publish it.. I still dont believe em about consistant core releases.. In the begining they want ppl to get excited & then it might get bombarded with casual titles again.. Id kick myself in the a$$ if i bought it at launch & that happened.. Plus what if devs move on w nx gen & wii u cant hang with all the new engines? Internal struggle cuz i grew up playing on em & know they can do it but "will they really do it?" is what concerns me.. Oh well, just have to wait n see what happens

3rdDimension2279d ago

Good article.

Gamers are proving to be the worst type of fans. That's why I chuckle when Nintendo is successful because it smacks in the face of all the nonsense that gamers spew when it comes to all things Nintendo.

I remember all the 3Ds/ PS Vita hate. All the graphic whores can eat crow now that supposed 3ds killer is selling like crap.

I am going to bust a gut when Wii U continues to sell despite all the foolish hate.

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