Intellivision Comes to PlayStation Home With Updated Classics

Posted by Keith Robinson // President, Intellivision Productions, Inc. -

Intellivision Productions, Inc. is excited to announce three of its classic games are coming to PlayStation Home. Astrosmash, Shark! Shark! and Night Stalker, which thrilled players in the early 1980s, have been upgraded while staying true to the spirit of the games’ classic looks and game play. We think of them as “enhanced yet completely faithful conversions,” but we call them Intellivision Gen2.

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Godmars2902280d ago

Now if only they could get Namco back.

dredgewalker2279d ago

Oh lordy this brings back memories lol. Intellevision was my second console back in the 80's. I really hated the brick controller along with the keypad and side buttons, it was really awkward to use. Asteroid was also my first game I owned for that system.

dredgewalker2278d ago

Lol, I forgot it was astrosmash. I always called it asteroid when I was a kid :)

spoonard2279d ago

I just want Advanced Dungeons & Dragons! lol What an awesome game that was!