Final Fantasy XIV Letter From the Producer Live Gives Details on New Content, Housing and More

Final Fantasy XIV is speeding towards the release of its revised A Realm Reborn version on both PC and PS3, and today Square Enix hosted a livestream with director and producer Naoki Yoshida, that answered questions from the fans about what’s coming with the rebirth of Eorzea.

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JAMurida2286d ago

I just want to see the game running on PS3 already. That will determine if I get it on PS3 or have to build a PC for it.

Tastynoodle2286d ago

During the hour long presentation a few days ago the staff were asked about the PS3 version. They didn't delve into specifics about the frame rate of the PS3 version but did seem adamant that they had overcome the hardware limitations to make the visuals practically the same.

Seems they were just concerned about the low memory of the PS3 impacting the heavy customisation in the field.

JAMurida2286d ago

My main thing is performance for me. I know the PS3 won't be 1:1 with PC's performance, but I would like to have at least a good solid frame rate if at all times, and not have freezing/glitches that usually come with some PS3 ports.

Give me that and I'm sold for the PS3 version.

Swiftcricket2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I believe they said that the PS3 version is getting attention at TGS, so this October thing is kind of different from what we've been hearing.