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Submitted by Pozzle 1243d ago | opinion piece

FIFA 13 vs PES 2013: 4 Reasons Why PES 2013 Will Win The War

WC writes: Whilst it has been a number of years since Pro Evo has outshone FIFA in all aspects except an official licence, and (cough) sales, the arrivals of the demos this year have made me question myself once again. Do I go with FIFA, with which I have spent so much time these last three to four years? Or do I go with Pro Evo, my old friend who appears to be on the road to recovery after his stint in rehab?

Put those knives down, but I think I’m going home to Konami.

And here follows my 4 reasons why PES 2013 will be better than FIFA 13. (FIFA 13, PC, PES 2013, PS3, Xbox 360)

Pintheshadows  +   1243d ago
Stop living in the past. The last truly excellent PES was 5. There hasn't been a decent PES game this whole generation. Considering what it is up against this one doesn't stand a chance either.
3-4-5  +   1243d ago
PES is catching up much so that there won't be a big difference between the 2 and PES will definitely do some things better than Fifa.

They offer way better team customization, which to me is huge.

I'm still getting Fifa 13 day one and not getting PES until 2013 though...

This won't be like PES 8 or 9...this is the real deal.
GrahamGolden  +   1242d ago
and u stop dreaming and wake up

u think because fifa has all the license it auto make it the best football game ?

PES lacked 2-3 years indeed but this year is in every single possible way better than fifa13 so suck it up and deal with it.

nothing remains on top forever...NOTHING live with that,kkthxbb
itani  +   1243d ago
Ultimate Team is only in FIFA and that's all I play lol.
3-4-5  +   1243d ago
Your missing out. Franchise/manager mode is awesome.

Be a play mode is awesome.

I actually never play ultimate team, it just doesn't do it for me.

The best part about Fifa is we get to both enjoy the same game in very different ways.
listenkids  +   1243d ago
PES Won't win, purely because of sales. Fifa is too well established at this point, regardless of bad AI, bad physics, retarded moments throughout.

But, it's always had official teams, "Man Red" was never a turn on.
farhsa2008  +   1243d ago
When will you guys realise it's about the gameplay. Pes is back
NYC_Gamer  +   1243d ago
It lacks real clubs and players.EA bought up all the important features and made Fifa the must have game for football fans.
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JAM_brz  +   1243d ago
Did you ever hear about the "edit" option?

If you buy a game just for licenced teams, I feel sorry for you!

And what features EA bought besides First Touch Control? I´d love to hear about that.
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iceman06  +   1242d ago
I don't know about features because, aside from Ultimate Team, they seem to be just about on par with one another for them. However, the lack of real clubs can hurt...unless you search the mod community and see that clubs, players, and kits are currently being prepared for launch day. It's really not difficult to download the file and sub it in for the pre-existing file. They already had some 20+ teams unlocked on the first demo alone.
anticooper  +   1242d ago
yeah the finaldemo was great:-) im back in the pes camp,and ive been buying fifa the last 4 years, but this year pes is much better imo:-) Peace:-)
JAM_brz  +   1243d ago
Unfortunely, gamers tend to be a fan boy of some game. Few people know how to balance their comments and base their arguments. "I like FIFA, so FIFA its the best." Its sad.
Belking  +   1243d ago
PES this year for me. FIFA still doesn't play like the real game. Its too perfect and we all know that soccer is unpredictable.
mafiahajeri  +   1243d ago
Yeah that's why I can take a Defender and dribble the whole team from the defense! Really realistic! Even lucio can't do that!
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Masta Kaos  +   1243d ago
Its annoying how ppl keep whining about licenses....The are patches that can get all teams licensed on PES. FIFA is not for me....PES all the way.
abzdine  +   1243d ago
i didnt see any single progress in gameplay from FIFA12 to 13. the only change is the menus that are more responsive (finally). But the gameplay is not worth anything the defensive tricks with square are the worst thing i've ever seen.
PES isnt brilliant either it's better than before but still not a buy for me. it will be nothing for me this year, i'll see next year.
mafiahajeri  +   1243d ago
Not one single thing? You must be kidding or you didn't give the game a chance. How about the first touch? Or how the players run? Kicks? Finesse shots being much harder this Tim around? Better ai?

Lol people make me laugh when they say a game hasn't changed. I bet you were one of those guys that said that from watching the game play videos. What do you want it's a football game it's gonna look similliar. Im starting to think you guys want guns and helicopters flying around for you to say it looks different!
abzdine  +   1243d ago
if i say it didnt change it's maybe because i think it idnt change no ?
i didnt see anything of what you said. finesse shot is the same, goal keeper still retarded the bass is moving slowly going to corner he doesnt run to take it, after you take a goal this score rectangle hiding the bottom half of the screen for 10s what's wrong with that ?
listenkids  +   1243d ago
I wasn't personally annoyed by lack of licensing, far from, I played ISS through PES7, then moved on to Fifa 12 to play with friends and got into ultimate team and be a pro.
Both games warrant success, but the argument was who will win, and my answer was Fifa - in numbers alone.

Jeez, people read what they want to be reading.
OcelotRigz  +   1242d ago
Personally, which is what it all comes down too, PES hasn't turned up this gen and i dont care what people say because every single year i hear people talking about how "its different this year", like they are this year. Maybe its different for them, they enjoy the game and have that pes feeling back, if so i really envy them because i haven't got it since PES 6.

FIFA isn't perfect but its the best of the two for me (this gen), by far, so thats why i play it nowadays because i just have to play a footy game or else i'll go mad.

Im hoping PES regains its crown next generation. FIFA is like the superstore that takes over from the small little cornershop, but with all its power and money it just doesnt have the charm the little shop had.
iceman06  +   1242d ago
I will be purchasing PES for the first time in 3 years. I do like the FIFA franchise. However, this year PES has just stolen my heart again. The gameplay feels a lot more organic and faithful to the experience that occurs on the pitch. As a lifelong soccer...oops football fan, I love the flow of PES. The teams actually play like they do in real life. Some teams have a slow build up that includes the MIDFIELD...which FIFA seems to ignore year in and year out. As someone said in another thread, FIFA sometimes feels like an NHL game. While, PES really feels like football. Sure, each is not perfect. There are some niggling issues with PES...but I will take a trade-off for what feels the best. Just my humble two cents.
REDGUM  +   1242d ago

Um, each to their own but this game (I've only played the demo) does not even come close to what PES 13 is offering. Again, a personal choice. In my 1st play of FIFA, after all the loading screens, I scored 6 goals to 3 in 1 game. That's not realistic, I'm not a good player to be honest, but it seems that FIFA is all about kicking goals that strategy. Much like MW3 'V' BATTLEFIED 3. I much prefer to play a game where you kick a goal in the last 5 mins of a game to clinch it, than kick 3 each in the 1st half and see how many you can get in the 2nd.
Sorry guys, I much prefer realisim (strategy), over pace, in a game. No soccer game has made me jump out of my seat after kicking a structured goal quite like PES.
That's just my opinion anyway.
Wh15ky  +   1241d ago
Really... I'm finding it easier to score in Pro Evo.
gamernova  +   1242d ago
Look at all these PES fanboys. It's the same thing with CoD. I get it! It's cool to hate the top game. *sigh* Fifa is better in my opinion. The mini games on loading screens are cool and I'm liking the new first touch system as well as the upgraded impact engine. Not completely revolutionary but definitely keeps the game fresh. That and its awesome music.
KiLLeRCLaM  +   1241d ago
I've been a Fifa fan boy all my life and I can tell you that PES 13 plays better then Fifa 13. Of course Fifa takes it because of the mini games and online etc, but game play is all PES this year.. Just my opinion..Just feels more realistic to me and I score many different types of goals and I find that every game is different.. Buying PES 13 (PC) so I can download all the jerseys, names etc.. and Fifa 13 (PS3) of course because Fifa is still my favorite because of all the liecences and the online play, football club etc... Love PES player ID as well..sick
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jackwei22  +   1235d ago
I just bought PES 13 yesterday and i really am enjoying it big time one of the best PES games in years, but i am buying fifa too as i have had every fifa since fifa 98 road to the world cup and fifa 95 and fifa international in 94 too.

I don't care what guys say who haven't clearly played the full version of PES properly or some crappy online reviews as PES has impressed me this time around, and like i said i am buying fifa since i have been collecting them since fifa 2000.

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