Girls With Game: Actress Dahlia Dark Presses Pause On Hating Gamers

Complex writes: Contrary to the stereotype, female gamers aren't just tomboys in baby tees and pigtails. Some are high-glammed and can also deliver a wicked sniper shot. One such player is Dahlia Dark, actress, model and hardcore gamer. We spoke to her about her love for video games and the lifestyle.

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majiebeast1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Nothing beats stereotypes as much as boobs...

zeeshan1897d ago

I hate them kinda freaky big ass jiggiez! Pure natural, pear shaped ones are best hmm???? :)

OneAboveAll1897d ago

Until they start sagging. I like the fake, perfectly round ones.

ame221897d ago

*Looks at picture*

Desperate much?

PureSophistry1897d ago

...........I see what you did there

FutureWWEChampion1897d ago

that's what this article should be called big tit gamers lol cuz daaaaaaaaaangs lol. She is an actor what movie was she in?

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The story is too old to be commented.