Medal of Honor Warfighter Basilan Single Player Gameplay Trailer

Check out the Basilan Single Player Gameplay Trailer.

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iamnsuperman2280d ago

What is with the jittery camera when the guy in the white shirt walks in the room. Not so promising here. I hope it takes the themes the other MoH had. I really like the real feel that game had

SillyBastid2280d ago

the down scope transition is wayyyy too fast

Brandon_25352280d ago

The Frostbite 2 engine doesn't seem to have great water visuals. They aren't that impressive in Battlefield 3 and they don't look any better in Warfighter. Other than that, it looked alright. Did look pretty generic, though. Typical military shooter.

JohnApocalypse2280d ago

Has the player got Slight of Hand pro on because he was zooming in way to fast?

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