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All GameStation Stores Are Now Branded As GAME

Following several months of financial turmoil (and lots of branch closures) the Game Group has decided to rebrand all GameStation stores under the GAME umbrella, effectively making just one set of stores from both identities. (Culture, Industry)

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kyon147  +   862d ago
Such a shame to see it go, I worked there for a few years but we all knew it was only a matter of time.
aiBreeze  +   862d ago
RIP Gamestation.. was slowly but surely turning shit but at least they felt more welcoming for a gamer.
DavidMacDougall  +   862d ago
Hate game, liked gamestation better. I'll just need to go HMV :(
mcstorm  +   862d ago
I agree. I tend to shop online but every now and then ill go to a shop and pickup a game and ive found that HMV were better priced then game and game station on a lot of things.

I think this is the wrong move as Gamestation had a better name with Gamers as it was a shop made of gamers. If the new Game owners looked into the past of the 2 names they should of dropped the Game name and gone back to the way game station was run. When I worked in the Bolton store back in 2003 it was a very good place to work but also a lot of customers would rather shop there than Game because of the staff prices and tradin offers. The Retro collection that was started then too was another + point to the Gamestation name.

Game have none of this and a lot of people who work in Game don't know much about Games or even like gaming they are abit like the Phones4u of the games industry where they will push what they are told to sell.

RIP Gamestation and I don't think it will be long until we say a goodbye to Game too.
BelieveinGhosts  +   862d ago
HMV is just as expensive if not more expensive so think before you act
Lucreto  +   862d ago
I agree with this. I never buy from HMV. I have seen a £10 difference in price for the same title 3 doors down.
N47H11  +   862d ago
I don't know anyone that shops a GAME/Gamestation any more, there just way too over priced!! shopto.net is where to go these days, all most always receive the game early and for a cheaper price.
Animal Mutha 76  +   862d ago
Gamestation felt a bit more retro/underground where Game just feels too corporate.

I didn't buy much in Gamestation but sad to see it go. I loved looking at all the retro second hand kit in the windows. Great If you are a collector like me. Got the odd Dreamcast game from there yeasr ago.
aiBreeze  +   862d ago
I think it's hilarious that gaming right now is at an all time high yet the biggest high street store for games is struggling.. it goes to show just how rubbish game really is.
extermin8or  +   862d ago
This is a good thing in my opinion GAME are way better than GAMESTATION, means I have a GAME near me again though- also I only really shop in there when they have an exclusive game item/edition I feels worth the extra money or on the rare occasion everywhere has a game at a higher than usual price i.e: AC3-even the cheap places have it at 42 quid without pre order dlc, or in a sale if they've got a game I want discounted/I have an unused GAME gift card :P also at people above I went into game the other day promptly left because of their prices and lack of a sale/non-new games that weren't in top 10 on the shelf; walked into HMV to see the most measly area of shelf space dedicated to gaming, and half of that was part of their preowned replay scheme thing- and all the prices bar starhawk were a fair bit higher than GAME's which really says something I think- needless to say I didn't buy anything ol
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