Blacks Ops 2 on Wii U 'on par' with other versions

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Wii U will be 'on par' with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

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Muffins12232279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Lets hope...i think a next gen console is so post to be BETTER than a 7 old year console...instead you see developers having equal if not lower quality to current gen titles on a "next gen"

TruthbeTold2279d ago

For one, they probably never intended to even try to make a 'superior' version. Secondly, they probably received a dev kit long after this game went into development, which pretty much destined it to be a port of one of the other versions at base.

omarzy2279d ago

pretty much this. A lot of devs got dev kits only earlier this year.

PopRocks3592279d ago

As far as I know, Aliens Colonial Marines is the only game being optimized for Wii U (or so the CEO of Gearbox has said).

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2279d ago

Lol @ receiving a dev kit long after development. The copy and paste method that has been used for the past how many cod games is not apparent?

This is what kills me about multiplat games. If you have one that is on a system that should be superior to the others you still dumb it down to the lowest version in order to appease the masses. It means owning the new system at launch will not be worth it until once again everyone else plays catch up.

killerhog2278d ago

Lol no, the real reason is why bother? COD main attraction is online, something Nintendo didnt establish itself on. Regardless of Nintendo wii sales, COD sold the least there by *a lot*. Activision knows COD fans especially those on Xbox aren't going to run to the Nintendo wiiU version. Especially (and i will go there) most Xbox fans (including kids that play there) think nintendo is for sissies.

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wiiu_peeu2279d ago

Shhhhhh dont say tht the reggie groupies will be mad. The truth is killing thm.

mamotte2278d ago

People here always think on a single screen when a company says something like this. What we all forget is that the WiiU does it while running another screen full of information, and in the particular case of COD, while streaming the information from another player to another screen.

So, yes, the Wiiu is more powerful than current consoles. Get over it.

wiiu_peeu2279d ago

lol oh i love it. Yeah COD will be 1080p natove hahahaha yeah right.Its a damn shame wiiu is trying so hard to stay relevant2current gen yet ppl have the audacity to say its nxt gen in terms of power lol By the way im currenly plying neon dbl dragon which is 1920x1080p lol oh the irony.

beerkeg2279d ago

Wow, you can play Double Dragon in hd, that's so impressive.

I'd be more impressed if you could actually string a coherent sentence together, instead of posting comments that make you look like you've hit your head repeatedly on the keyboard.

And btw, that's not irony.

wiiu_peeu2279d ago

beerkeg the pseudo professor puckers his lips and begins2swallow. With diction, syntax and grammar on his mind he begins to put pressure vehemently lol.

The irony of it all is tht i can guarantee i have a higher lvl of education thn you.
Idiots and nerds like you assume ppl are typing from a P.C. and care about syntax, diction or grammar .

wwm0nkey2279d ago


Not only is your name a troll, you could at least put some effort into your typing, I do not care if you are on a PC or not typing your sentences correctly makes it easier to understand and not hurt my head.

leogets2279d ago

So it means the graphics are on ancient engine with shoddy gameplay. Sounds like nintendo never change xD

Venox20082278d ago

if you didn't know it's Activision's job to make it look better, not Nintendo's..that's why they are called third party games

megamanX22279d ago

"Blacks Ops 2 on Wii U 'on par' with other versions"

why wouldn't it be?

"Lets hope...i think a next gen console is so post to be BETTER than a 7 old year console...instead you see developers having equal if not lower quality to current gen titles on a "next gen""

and you wonder why you have no bubbles.

JellyJelly2279d ago

Shouldn't it be better? On par with 6 year old tech is more an embarrassment than it is impressive imo.

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