Killzone 1 in HD is a surprising thing of beauty

For an eight-year-old PS2 game it doesn’t look bad does it? These new Killzone 1 HD screens show off the remastered original which is part of the Killzone Trilogy.

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Dreamer092202d ago

Does it still play terribly like it did on the PS2...

Perjoss2202d ago

i remember it having a really bad frame rate, but it did look good for its time.

BrutallyBlunt2202d ago

They will rectify that, it was the main issue for me.

Hatsune-Miku2202d ago

Gimme gimme now Sony. I can't wait for this game

himdeel2202d ago

Can I get a Vita version. PSOne and PS2 games I've never played are perfect for me on the Vita. I've tried to stay purchasing remakes I've already played but I want this on that oled screen :)

metsgaming2202d ago

im concerned about how the controls are, is it like kz2 or like kz3 or completely different feel? If its one i would be interested if its the other no thanks.

guitarded772202d ago

I never played the first Killzone, so KZ HD is HIGH on my list of wanted games. At $15, I cannot pass it up. I too hope it comes to Vita, I've played MG, Ico and GoW HD remakes on Vita, and the system seems quite capable, and the games look incredible on Vita's screen.

BrianC62342202d ago

That was the only problem with Killzone. It just didn't have a good framerate. It made it hard to play through a lot of the game. Hopefully this fixed the problems.

darthv722202d ago

Dreamer and Perjoss are both saying the same thing. It just happens that one is a bit more forward about it.

The disagrees dont add up except the sensitivity of those who choose not to see what the meaning of both comments elude to.

I could not play the original. It gave me motion sickness. I have tried on both the ps2 and ps3 and in both cases the frame rate was low and there were lots of clipping in scenes.

I have been expecting a remake since the whole HD remake thing started. im really looking forward to playing through the first game as it will give me more back story on the whole war in general. No doubt the issues faced by the original will be addressed.

@Dreamer, No it wont play terrible like the ps2. It will play smoother and look better as all HD remakes seem to exhibit.

I say this because it flat out cant look or play worse. that is just an obvious common sense pov.

@Perjoss, it did look good and this version will do it justice and then some while addressing frame rate problems.

SilentNegotiator2201d ago

Like SotC, it's nice to see this game running on a system that can actually run it.

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Zeixama2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

What if the HD version sells more than second and third game combined? o O

DeadlyFire2202d ago

Come on now if you played 2 and 3 you can clearly see an effort in GG pushing to get better with the FPS. KZ 3 has very fluid controls compared to Killzone 1. MP could use some work, but its not to bad.

Conzul2202d ago

What if you were impaled from behind by a zombie unicorn - would that make you a faery?

Zeixama2202d ago

Well , when I said that, I wasn't trolling. Because I played Killzone I and in my opinion, it has better OP.

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ElitaStorm2202d ago

you have been damaged by all that fanboyism,

Megaton2202d ago

No kidding. You can polish a turd, but it's still just a turd. Of the 100+ PS2 games I owned, it's one of the very few I couldn't finish. Terrible game.

bloodybutcher2202d ago

well,it was the first fps i really liked.or liked at all,before kz it was genre not getting much of my interest.

JellyJelly2202d ago

bloodybutcher - That's a shame because Red Faction which came out before Killzone 1 is a better FPS in every way.

I'd rather see HD releases of Red Faction 1 & 2.

Skizelli2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

I take it you never had a N64? GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark were amazing.

leemo192202d ago

No everything supposed to been updated to have perfect frame-rate of 30fps, smarter A.I., smoother controls..etc

soljah2202d ago

nice to see the thread starting off with a stealth troll

clevernickname2202d ago

Previous articles on the HD remake described how the frame rate and control responsiveness are much improved, the control improvements in part due to the better performance of the DualShock controller.

demetreHG2202d ago

The Game never played terribly , you just always sucked at it =D

Shikoro2202d ago

Shots fired. XD

I agree. Same goes for KZ2 and its controls. :)

GuyThatPlaysGames2202d ago

Yes it does. I played it the other day and my eyes were literally crying because this game's visuals were THAT bad!!

LAZL0-Panaflex2202d ago

I loved killzone 2 & 3, but this one looks like a brightened ps2 game. Hardly hd.

medziarz2202d ago

Quote from PSBlog comments:

Q: How so have the Dualshock controls been tweaked?

A: Sensitivity, deadzone etc. on DualShock3 all differ quite a bit from the old PlayStation controllers, so we’ve adapted them accordingly. In addition, the button layout is now more in line with what you’d expect from recent Killzone titles.

bacrec12202d ago

Sorry Fan boys its real talk. I Like 2&3 though.

Sevir2202d ago

The only issue the game on PS2 was the frame rate issue. But they also said in the fact sheet that the game also has new controls.

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ChunkyLover532202d ago

It didn't look bad when it originally came out, but it was a bad game that had a lot of issues.

DoomeDx2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )


The only issue i had were the bad framerate and bad controls.

which are fixed in the HD version

coolbeans2202d ago

- The enemy AI was terribly bland

- Despite Vekta supposedly meant to be 'Earth-like' the team decided to coat most settings with this gray lens filter. Most locations didn't feel realized like they should.

- The inception of Rico

I wouldn't say it was a bad title though. The "Halo-Killer" title will-unfortunately-always loom overhead, but past the hype it was still a decent FPS.

LightofDarkness2202d ago

Chest high walls syndrome. Or in this game's case, chest high grass/hedges. The environments were insanely repetitive, the story was terribly weak (even for the time), the controls were clunky, the shooting wasn't that much fun... it had a pretty good laundry list of problems.

Eyeco2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

i agree with it being a decent game if you overlook the horrible frame rate ,the ps2 just simply couldnt handle the game. I've said this many times before that in terms of level design and replay value it was probably the best killzone campaign.

But my biggest gripe with the game is that it seems to suffer from the same problem as Halo, in the sense that its supposed to be this huge global invasion war yet there are like 5 enemies on the screen, what the hell. In fact at least Killzone had an excuse being on the ps2,but Halo 1-4 being mostly on the 360 there's just no excuse.

In retrospect i think Killzone 2 is one of the few FPS ever released that actually make you feel that your involved in a huge war.

spartan112g2202d ago

@DoomeDx Having bad framerates and bad controls pretty much define it as a bad shooter. I hated Killzone until 2 released at which point I was like, "This isn't half bad." Still not as good as Halo, but it's getting better

for we are many2201d ago

I remember it being one of the slowest, most boring, overhyped FPSs I've ever played.

lategamer2201d ago

Glitches. Tons of fucking glitches. One one level as Templer I had to kill a group of enemies to pass the level, and an enemey fell through the ground. So I had to restart the whole mission over.

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Angerfist2202d ago

Yes, back then it looked good on a small TV and with a few nice Effects but the Graphics in these Screens looktoo clean , it shows the blocky Characters and muddy Textures, i dont remember KZ1 like that, can it be that the PS2 Version hat better Effects to make the Game look better? i remember it prettier.

cpayne932202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

We usually remember older games looking better because we weren't spoiled by today's graphics back then. No, I've seen it more recently, and it definitely looks better now.

Edit: Check out their review at the bottom of the page to see how muddy it looked.

bubblebeam2202d ago

Wasn't planning on logging in, but dayum, those screens are amazing.

It did suffer from fps drop back in the day, but it was to be expected. The graphics were a technical feat on the ps2, absolutely amazing back then. The HD makes it even better, and provided the performance has been improved (of course it will) the game is not to be missed.

Now, anyone want to use a chain gun with a rocket launcher attachment?? I know I do ;)

FinaLXiii2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

I hope they make a demo for this just to see it for myself what they changed.

I already own the original copy so there´s that.