Borderlands Is “Like A Deep, Juicy Steak,” Says Dev

With the release of hotly-anticipated FPS-sandbox sequel Borderlands 2 just around the corner, lead designer John Hemingway has used a rather interesting analogy to explain the series' astronomical success thus far.

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Mad_Mack2285d ago

Big chat there. Hope the game backs his chat.

Though I must say that I would be tempted to buy Borderlands purely on the basis of this analogy - anything to make vegetarians feel less welcome on this planet.

NegativeCreep4272285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Good job John, you just sold your way out of a sale.

Naw JK. I wouldn't want to turn into a giant p*ssy.

If you stop eating meat altogether, you come down with vaginitis and grow a punch of little vaginas all over your body.