Have Nintendo Shot Wide Of The Mark With The Wii U Release?

One Hit Pixel: "As of the time of writing, the Wii U’s release window and pricing has only just been made public knowledge in all the territories. In what has been lauded as probably the best “Nintendo Direct” broadcast by some journalists out there, we saw not only the revelation that the console will be released on November 30 in Europe, but also a strong list of titles available on launch day. We will be seeing all the triple-A titles released on other consoles shortly before the launch of Nintendo’s next machine though, so has Nintendo shot itself in the foot?"

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Ilovetheps42286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I don't know why people are saying the Wii U missed the mark before its launch. When I was at Gamestop yesterday, I preordered my own Wii U. I was the twelfth person to preorder one in the first hour of them taking preorders. I live in a small town, and if my memory serves me correctly, they had 12 preorders at the day of the Wii launch which sold very well. The 3DS received 6 preorders total. The 3DS is now outpacing the DS. Let's give the Wii U a chance to actually launch before we predict its demise.

GrieverSoul2286d ago

I agree, but one thing turns me off.
The WiiU is not a leap ahead of the PS3 and Xbox360. I dont feel like to pump out 400€ for the WiiU to last me a year or two until the Xbox Infinity and PS4 releases with superior hardware and leaps ahead in terms of graphics and capabilities. In all honesty, the WiiU is really interesting but its just a gimmick IMO.

SkirkRidgeEX2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

The console itself; a great piece of machinery. I just wish Nintendo gave it a fighting chance against the AAA behemoths on other consoles.

Akin02286d ago

Yes. Thank You. Xbox 360 Launched at $399, PS3 at $499/$599. The Wii at $249. The Wii U is launching at $349 - (for comparison sake i'm ignoring the $299 model since it has no pack in game). Now when you bought your original Wii chances are you wanted at least one extra Wiimote and Nunchuck so that was an extra $60 or $70 right there. The Wii U black you don't need to buy anything extra since all your Wii controllers work. I can't believe all the crying over $50 expected price difference most people would be spending anyway. Its just something to whine about.

I also see folks whining about why they cant get a white 32g. For real? whine whine whine whine whine. I think this is the first launch of a console that gives you a color choice at all.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

That is because it's not way beyond current gen. I think it's the table that hikes the price up.

The specs are not next gen at all.

1gb ram & 1gb vRam will most likeley be surpassed by ps4/720.

Pc's have 4-8gb ram today & 1-3gb vRam.
And windows 8 uses 380mb ram while nintendo OS needs 1gb. How could this happen on a console? It uses more resources than a pc now.

ChunkyLover532286d ago

I guess time will tell, but I get the feeling people are actually excited about new hardware. Yesterday when I went and pre-ordered people were talking about how fun the Wii U looked.

I haven't heard people excited about hardware in a long, long time. I think Nintendo has a chance to get around 10 million Wii U's out there before Sony and Microsoft even launch their next consoles. I know I'm excited!

Animal Mutha 762286d ago

Are we really so desperate for new gaming hardware that we will buy anything that comes along just because its new?

I'm surprised its pre-ordering so well gievn its so so specs and price. What is the motivation to buy it? What does it do to separate it from the competition?

As a mostly 360 gamer I can't see why I would get one apart from adding it to my collection at some point in the future when its cheaper.

As a parent If I was going to buy a console for my kids this xmas would I buy an new expensive machine with a small software library or a cheap PS3 slim or xbox with software bundle and massive cheap back catalogue where the games will look pretty much the same.

If MS or Sony drop price and have good xmas bundles I'm not sure the Wii U as it stands has enough 'wow' to attract all but the early adopters and collectors who would buy it anyway.

It will be in interesting xmas...

tehpees32286d ago

"If MS or Sony drop price and have good xmas bundles I'm not sure the Wii U as it stands has enough 'wow' to attract all but the early adopters and collectors who would buy it anyway."

Except they will because Microsoft and Sony don't have Nintendo's franchises. Nothing MS or Sony do with a price drop will stop those buying it day 1 from changing their mind. 360 and PS3 aren't Wii U. People will buy it knowing Nintendo's big franchises are on the way.

ipe2286d ago

Where were those franchises with n64 and gamecube?

Get real, they should hope that next ps/xbox are far away and not in 300-400 range, which most likely they ll be.

scruffy_bear2286d ago

I remember that being said about the N64

Ilovetheps42286d ago

Here is my opinion on the situation. This could be completely wrong, but I think that the Wii will sell very well this Christmas season. You say the specs are so so. They are much better (from what I can tell) than the PS3 or 360. The PS4 or "720" isn't out yet, so its competition is the PS3 and 360 as of now.

Parents will buy it for their kids because Nintendo has created something unique. I believe a huge part of the Wii's success was the Wiimote. It was something unique and kids wanted it. The Wii did not have a great library of games. As much as I enjoyed Skyward Sword, Metroid and that stuff, it didn't have a great library. But, it still sold incredibly well.

I will be buying one because I think it's an interesting idea and have liked the ways I've seen the controller used. I can't wait to get my hands on the console and try it out for myself. Plus my Wii won't read my dual layered games anymore so I'm glad this will be able to play Wii games.

Animal Mutha 762286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Yes they are better then PS360 but not by the same margin as from XB1 or PS2 to PS360. I'm concerned by the low RAM. 1GB dedicated for games is really not much these days. Yes its 4x more than PS360 but its still low for todays standards. The GPGPU is interesting though. In the scheme of things these specs are only at best middle of the road which is why I descibed them as so so...

Edit - 2x as much! 4x if you include the OS memory. Edram we are not sure on yet.

Ilovetheps42286d ago


I agree that the 1GB is a low amount of RAM for games. That does worry me a little bit. I think there should have been at least 2GB of RAM for games. But the edit was not necessary, it does have 4x as much RAM as the PS3 at least. The PS3 has 256MB for games. Still not a lot. We will see how it turns out.

I do still think that the Wii U will sell well. I don't think the RAM will be an issue for a couple years though. They are still creating great games on the PS3 with only 256MB. I'm not sure how much RAM the 360 has though. And don't forget that consoles use RAM more efficiently than PCs do.

CBaoth2286d ago

They are incredibly cheap consumers at retail. We sat around with 6-7 Arcade 360s w/o Kinect for ages. Put'em this week on sale for $179 and I sold them all in 2 days. I could've sold another 20 this week if we had them in stock. Nintendo will be combating a $149 Arcade and a $199 slim this Xmas. Parents will go for the cheap and wait till next year(s) when WiiU is cheaper.

I do agree, though, Nintendo will do just fine this holiday season and sell every system they allocate to retail because of neutral gamers and their fans. As primarily a PC gamer, I buy consoles for their exclusives. Ninty's showed me their serious about attracting 3rd party support (even exclusives!) while delivering their usual stellar triple AAA IPs (hopefully more stuff like Pikmin rather than the usual suspects in the coming years)

Droid Control2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

^ Animal Mutha 76 - yes, i think people are. the 360 is 7 years old for god's sake. People are DESPERATE for a new console ANY console

wishingW3L2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

pretty much. lol

almost 7 years with the same consoles is a long time.

Animal Mutha 762286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Yeah its a shame isn't it. The 360 is old but it still feels quite fresh to me because of all the updates. Its a hell of a different animal now to when it launched.

I for one am not desperate. When the next bit of kit comes along and gives me the 'wow' moment then I shall part with cash. I have high hopes for the next xbox.

@wishing - 7 years is a long time if you are young. For me its gone so quickly. I had my spectrum then Amiga for about 6 years each. My PS2 for about the same. I'm on 6 now for xbox and 4 for PS3. My gaming pc is 3 yr old. It is time for the next wave but I'm not sure that Wii U has 6 yrs in it.

Wolfbiker2286d ago

Some of you need to get over specs and shit. Graphics are fine the way they are now....the Wii U will take what we see now and refine it. The Wii U is more than just a game console now. Finally it was produced and designed intended to be the main media hub in your living room....this is the first console to do that. The PS3 and 360 both offer great media devices but not in this way.

The specs are fine for what this machine wants to and will accomplish.

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