Assassin’s Creed 3′s navel battles explained: “You can’t do the Revolution justice without the sea”

We thought we’d seen everything that Assassin’s Creed 3 had to offer – ooh, trees – and the frontier awaiting – gah, bears – but watching Connor captain an enormous ship through the azure waters of the Caribbean is still astounding stuff. “Obviously one of the things that we’re trying to impress on people is this notion of scale,” creative director Alex Hutchinson explains to us.

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Grap2279d ago

if the game only have navel battles i would buy it.

supraking9512279d ago

Naval battles doesn't seem necessary at all. Guess Assassins Creed isnt the kind of game i thought it is.

MostJadedGamer2279d ago

The more they diversify away from assassinations the better. Being a Assassin has never been a selling point for me. In fact I would prefer not being a Assassin.

The selling point for AC games for me has always been about playing in epic historical settings in a free roaming world.

jeromeface2279d ago

If you were a true creed fan you would understand that its an "outside of the box" game. I know I wont be complaining about them adding a mode that could warrant its own game, it gets me excited to get 1.5 games for the price of 1. Creed is about gameplay relative to the time period and I think this hits it spot on.