Microsoft opens new London studio, headed by ex-Rare producer

Former Rare production director Lee Schuneman will lead a new Microsoft development studio, it’s been revealed this morning – and their focus will be on ‘entertainment as a service’.

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ChunkyLover532279d ago

They also opened one for game development on their new tablet.

esemce2279d ago

‘entertainment as a service’ how about making some new exclusive IP's ffs.

Megaton2279d ago

"entertainment as a service"

Translation: nothing of value.

3-4-52279d ago

Toronto ...and now this....sounds good. Looks like people are starting to get prepared for the Big push towards next gen.

Can't delay it now with the Wii U getting 51 games in 4 months.

By the time Xbox720 & PS4 are released Nintendo will already be on their 2nd batch of games and dev's will have learned even better how to use the Hardware.

I'm predicting 3 amazing consoles for gamers to play on.