GameSpot's Best Games of 2007 Reader's Choice

The final count is in!

You've heard it before from GameSpot. Last year was an incredible year for games on all platforms. You've heard how hard it was for GameSpot to make their picks for the best games in all categories, in all genres, and across all platforms. And, like them or not, you've seen GameSpot's picks for the top games of the year. Now, at long last, your picks for the best games of 2007 are finally here. Thousands of votes cast by you, the readers of GameSpot, have been tallied and the final count is ready.

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The Killer3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

i will check and see if i was right!


damn!!! i was right all was 360 games and some PC!! it shows u they really hates sony! well i dont use that garbage site anymore, its been 1 months since last i checked it and when i check it i didnt spend 5 mins in there! its run but sony haters!! i guess MS payed them well!