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New Fuse Announce Trailer

DualShock Nexus: Here is the announcement trailer for Insomniac's new IP, Fuse! (Fuse, PS3, Xbox 360)

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nrvalleytime  +   954d ago
I am really hoping Insomniac's track record comes through here. It looks very different from Overstrike, but I don't think the company has ever made a less than stellar game.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   954d ago
I still hope that the humour they displayed in overstrike is in tact

Because this looks like another cover shooter... but with crazy weapons
Soldierone  +   954d ago
Same here. The thing is this trailer wasn't funny at all and had a way more "serious" tone to it....

Insomniac said its more of a dry humor, so I'm expecting a sarcastic Solid Snake.
kneon  +   954d ago
I think we may be in for some disappointment with this game. With the Overstrike trailer I was excited, this trailer seems like a dozen other games. It's lost the charm and character of the first trailer.

Overstrike felt new and fresh, this doesn't.
Carl_Shocker  +   954d ago
"but I don't think the company has ever made a less than stellar game."

Yeah but they had there freedom then....EA has them by their man toots now, each time they want to add something new, creative and unique EA squeezes them really hard untill they give in.

EDIT @ below

and...you believe him just like that

With some of tue interviews in the past few days I think they chanyed more then what they're letting on.

Bioware sid EA never told them to change much with thir games that EA never had a say but its obvious they did. Insomiac dont want to tick off EA thats all, its just PR talk.
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Nimblest-Assassin  +   954d ago
Never said I believed him, only saying what he said... man EA is the grim reaper... it steals the soul
Nimblest-Assassin  +   954d ago
Well, an Insomniac rep is on the video answering questions and so far, only the art style and character designs have changed

Apparently the game is like borderlands, as each character has unique skill trees and the humour is in tact... so the only difference is the art style... which I wish they kept

A game can be gory and colorful... like TF2
Freak of Nature  +   954d ago
Cookie-cut, safe bet, "NOT" outside of the box". no real appeal to the characters or environments, no memorable style or hook, nothing fresh, just been there, done that...

It lacks creativity, style, innovation (for the most part) it does have some interesting aspects weapons wise...Bland, UN-interesting,uninspiring... And just run of the mill, not terrible, but not impressive, a non memorable opening look...


The Rare we knew is gone, ODDWORLD has been missing with something new for 7.5 years now...At least I still have Media Molecule for something creative and stylish, with innovation and guts to take a risk or two...

Why not a The Incredibles, and Team Fortress 2 look and stylle? The colors and vibrant lighting seem to have been muted, sucked out... of overstrike, and has become FUsE...

I wish IG's would do what they do best...Create caricature/toon based act/platform type games... I recall hearing about two years ago a rumor about IG's creating a act/RPG platformer (along the lines of Zelda)......If only...
grailly  +   954d ago
this reminds me a vit of resistance 2 coop, which was great, so I'll keep an eye on it
Carl_Shocker  +   954d ago
Still looks generic...pass from me, the new style is just so bland and boring. All the colour has been sucked out of this game.

Oh and that song....WTF :|

It sounds like something EA would use in a Battlefield trailer
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dark-hollow  +   954d ago
Seriously, nothing kills the excitement of a new IP and especially from a prestigous dev than making that new ip a run of the mill, cookie-cutter shooter.

Don't we have enough of them already?
DARK WITNESS  +   954d ago
They will never learn...

they somehow keep thinking that they are going to do better sales wise by keeping it safe.

safe basically means it's just going to be like all the others and if it's like everything else already out... why do we really need it?

it may be risky going with something a little different but if you get it right the rewards are a lot bigger too. If everyone wants to experience something different for a change they are going to come to you because your different.

I wish EA would open their minds more and let the devs do what they do best.

again, what could have been a much more interesting experience now looks just as generic as the rest of the turds out there and why would I want to invest in that.
Relientk77  +   954d ago
The weapons and gadgets look awesome. Although not really suprised, considering Insomniac are the minds behind the Ratchet & Clank series
we'll see
dark-hollow  +   954d ago
From the trailer the game looks so generic.
Rashonality  +   954d ago
i think EA made Insomniac Change the game's style cuz of Bulletstorm.
if i remember correctly it didn't didn't sell well, and we all know the only games that sell sh!tloads are the SUPER SERIAL GAMES <<<South Park reference
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Soldierone  +   954d ago
I was thinking a combination of that and Syndicate. EA is trying to create a new niche market like FPS titles and try to be the first ones to push it (co-op shooters).

It's a bit of a bad business idea to say "hey make your game just like two games we had bomb already"
Hazmat13  +   954d ago
looks like fun, like everybody is sayin i hope they keep the humor in it.
Freak of Nature  +   954d ago
No trace of humor in that trailer... That trailer is supposed to represent the game. Generic military enemies, bland environments with crate's spread around for no apparent reason other than to hide behind... Style, creativity are invisible...

Too much money/cost to create these games, they go the safe route excuse, go COD and Battlefield, but come up short in the end anyways....Unlike COD/Battlefield...

Ask Media Molecule, you can still innovate, be creative, think outside of the box, have some flare and style and prosper...

I wish IG's would just do what they do best, and not bow down to the guys with the biggest money bags, and in the end IG's "could" be just another dev house, look at Rare...
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DARK WITNESS  +   954d ago
Well said
DeadlyFire  +   954d ago
They will learn one day like the developers that try to copy WoW formula for MMOs and it doesn't work. Well I think EA learned that the hard way in the past year.

I do think that the 4+ Co-op MP game idea might work for awhile. As it has only grown in popularity since its conception. I still go back and play Mass Effect 3 MP some. EA is not the only one pushing it though. Crytek's Warface game is built around a co-op PVE mode as well as competitive play PVP modes. Yeah they are under EA's umbrella, but EA has no final say in their games. They do not own Crytek or Insomniac.

Game must have a solid background and SP behind it as well which Insomniac is undoubtedly working on.
ritsuka666  +   954d ago
Lame,lame,lame! The last thing the industry needs is type of generic games...
colonel179  +   954d ago
I didn´t like the trailer at all. It could be the trailer for a battlefield or a medal of honor, or a call of duty game. They failed to show how this game would be unique from all those games I mentioned. They went for realism instead so the art style no longer show uniqueness. The weapons seem cool, but only because Insomniac are great at creating original and fun weapons like with R&C.

Personally I have to watch much more of this game to get excited. I really liked the Overstrike teaser and was expecting more of it. With fuse, I am not excited at all. Why would they choose to show a first trailer with only scenes of guys shooting and using the same shield over and over again? Why not show that the humor remains? Why not show more of the characters like in OS teaser? The trailer shows nothing interesting.

I am not saying the game will be bad. It could even turn out great, but imo, they left a bad first impression.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   954d ago
The selling point is definitely the weapons which look great. I saw no personality and special character traits like we did in Overstrike.

The presentation and weapon physics looks better than what I was thinking and as I mention those are probably one of the main selling points.

This looks good, but with the lack of the things I mention above such as character and special traits, this could fall into the category of "just be your average third person shooter."
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FunAndGun  +   954d ago
It looks like there are only 4 main Fuse weapons though with the rest being regular rifle/machine gun types.

Mag Shield
Arc Crossbow
the rock gun
worm hole gun

Then you upgrade them. I hope that is not the extent of the main weapons.
baldulf  +   954d ago
Yup, Insomniac just got Biowared.

Too bad, I was expecting big things from this game before.
Sevir  +   954d ago
Lol, gamers this generation are hilarious
Lol. You watched a no game play CGI trailer from 2011 and no one outside of insomniac saw gameplay, they show the actual engine and no one has played it and we have the bitching that's becoming increasingly popular.

It looks fantastic and the fact that they are taking 4 player drop in drop out co-op makes this among my most anticipated for next year. Bitches Keep bitching. Gamers will game.
Carl_Shocker  +   954d ago
Your such a hypocrite you call us for voicing an opinion on "nothing" yet your doing the same saying it looks fantastic.

Its called first impressions....people expected more from a once creative developer.
FunAndGun  +   954d ago
Well, I just watched the GTTV that featured Fuse gameplay and I kinda agree with all the bitching.

It looks like nothing special....at all.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   954d ago
@SEV Sorry, but we are reaching the end of a generation. At this point its gotta take allot to impress us. We've seen trailers being presented like this before. Look as Mass Effect Multiplayer teaser looks similar?

If your a real gamer you can decode and analyze teaser trailers such as this in matter of minutes. I understand we have to see more but the gameplay seems overdone and over used. seen this, done that.

The only thing that's innovative are the weapons and the art style, which I still have mixed feelings about. Again I agree we need to see more, but from this 1:32 gameplay tease its just barely passable as "great."
Sevir  +   954d ago
Lol, sorry ill play it first
I'll leave it at that. :-)
SweatyFlorida  +   954d ago
Looks meh to me. Everything that excited me about the IP to begin with has been sucked dry with this new direction they have taken. I mean, gameplay is always nice, but everything about the game looks generic now.

Trailer was just the typical, generic, overused "let's shoot our guns and have some explosions in the back", like it's a freaking Michael Bay movie. Not even one sliver of humor or character attachment like Overstrike had (which had a very positive reaction from people) in that trailer. You can't expect to sell a game on goofy weapons.
r21  +   954d ago
I guess it looks ok...as a third person co-op game. What i wanted to see was that whacky fun looking game called Overstrike :L
Lionalliance  +   954d ago
I want the older look back :c
majiebeast  +   954d ago
Looks well generic it shouldve had the style of the first trailer not the style it has now. Just looks like ea sucked out the soul.
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Huarle  +   954d ago
Generic: The Game
Really miss the old art style
Lucreto  +   954d ago
This is Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One with different characters. Not sure if I will get it and if I don't this will be the first Insomniac game since Spyro I didn't buy.
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ame22  +   954d ago
I do not understand what's wrong with Insomniac Games. They're digging their own grave.
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BEZZ  +   954d ago
I didn't like a musical substrate to a trailer, I tried to make in own way. Enjoy yourselves! ;)

Related video
FinaLXiii  +   954d ago
nicely done! pretty cool but that doesnt make the game look any less generic im afraid.
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