Conflict: Denied Ops: PSN Demo Gameplay

The international peace keeping force must be allowed to restore order...

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spandexxking3732d ago

this game destroyed the franchise. after playin desert and global and being a fan of them this is a real kick in the teeth. its a completly different game lost all its edge! ffs you dont even get four team mates anymore! guns sucks(how do you attach a shotgun to a sniper???)they dont even feel like your shooting. the huge let! i havent seen graphics like that in some time. red faction style destructible environments fail horribly plus the textures suck. deleted straight after i played it.

plus have you seen the devs commentary on XBL, they act like everyone is going to be awestruck when they see what they can do with next-gen tech.

Ashta3732d ago

I wasn't too terribly impressed with the PSN demo. I's not as crappy as SOME games *cough*Soldieroffortune:paybac k*cough* but it does kinda head off in to the "meh" territory pretty solidly.

Laexerias3732d ago

i puked so bad is this.

IQUITN4G3732d ago

I may quit gaming altogether if it continues to go backwards like it's been doing for some time now.This game hardly requires next gen hardware and in any case it's getting very boring having to endure this type of rubbish.Devs really need to start questioning if they're in the right business - providing idiots continue to buy this same old, that's unlikely i suppose

DarkShoud3732d ago

this gamer cant game :P

this footage is better: