Clueless Gamer: Conan O'Brien Reviews "Resident Evil 6" [Team Coco]

Conan discovers the joys of zombie slaughter in his review of "Resident Evil 6".

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Relientk771323d ago

This video review by Conan is hilarious. I love when he does these Clueless Gamer reviews

JoMama1323d ago

randomly. The last one he did was on August 3rd. Hopefully he will do them more frequent.

vortis1323d ago

He seems to hate them though.

Weirdly, his review of RE6 was kind of accurate.

Lobster zombies that turn into shell fish...I guess Capcom will start selling tarter sauce DLC as a special weapon for $5.

Soldierone1323d ago

I watch Conan all the time, but he still hasn't really embraced video games all too well just yet. He mostly cracks a joke about nerds and thats it.

Fallon was doing video games justice, but I quit watching NBC when Conan left.

Rhythmattic1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

That made me laugh...

Serious Question.

Green Text titles, hell even in this he's wearing a green coloured jacket, also no mention of availability on other platforms...

Is this segment sponsored by MS ?

Because if it is, its brilliant marketing.

vortis1323d ago

They only seem to review the Xbox 360 version of games, so there's a good guess that MS provided the equipment in return for free advertising.

They also reviewed that piece of Kinect trash, Star Wars yeah, I'm guessing it's sponsored by MS.

Rhythmattic1323d ago

I imagine this works so well on the US TV watching public that they think its for 360 only.


r211323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

If this is such a case, I presume Nintendo will follow MS's move and let Conan play one of their wii u games.

BABY-JEDI1323d ago

over-turned chair blocks man...
Instant win for reality.. Well done Capcom. : P

Relientk771323d ago

Yeah, I loved that part with the chairs, and him not being able to pass them

Lirky1323d ago

I noticed its a extended demo from the dragons dogma pre order demo.

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