First Ten Minutes Of Borderlands 2

ObnoxiousGamer: The first ten minutes of Borderlands 2 has been leaked. Check it out below. Be warned though there is spoilers if you watch it is at your own discretion.

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zchay2284d ago

Any borderlands 2 fan should not watch this. Too many spoilers

10V3N0M012284d ago

Agreed, but it's going to take some serious effort ;)
Especially for those of us only getting our hands dirty on the 21st!

boxer19852284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

good game

ObnoxiousGamer2284d ago

We replaced the video with an other on the website, Just in case some people have missed it the first time.

Detoxx2284d ago

What does it matter if you watch it now or next week?

BTW, you dont see that much.. 5 minutes is just the intro, it's awesome tho!

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