Starcraft 2 on PS3? Dream on!

Starcraft 2, a PC sequel nearly ten years in the making, hasn't been announced for any consoles. But that didn't stop the wishful thinking of PSU, who hypothesize that the flexible Playstation Network, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support, and required hard drive make the PS3 the best choice for porting Starcraft 2 to the console side.

We can't help but imagine how great a console port of Starcraft 2 could be, given the reasonable success of RTS gems like Universe at War and Command and Conquer on Xbox 360. However, Blizzard hasn't lost any money by sticking to its PC guns, with World of Warcraft and the original Starcraft enduring as some of the most widely-played games in the world.

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leon763813d ago

Starcraft on x360??keep on dreaming too....

venum3813d ago

It'll be cool to have on ps3. We can use the keyboard and the mouse.
Let's wait what blizzard is going to do.

nn3812d ago

the keyboard and the mouse are big advantages. I was playing some days ago C&C on Xbox 360 and I definitely missed them. I was asking myself why the developers are not supporting at least the chatpad.

venum3812d ago

Yes I did as well, It was not that bad, But the paddle or the chatpad are not as efficient as the keyboard and mouse.
On my opinion there is a market for the RTS on the console especially if this console allow to play with a keyboard.

Sez 3812d ago

i can see this on 360. more than the ps3. the ps3 has no RTS. while the 360 has 4 to 5 RTS games out. i have LOTR battle for middle earth for the pc and the 360. an i most admitt that the 360 version plays jsut as good as the pc version. but keyboard and mouse will always be better.

tweaker3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Just because the 360 has 4-5 RTS games doesn't make it better. lol

Personally I would never use a controller for these type of games. If they ever do port Starcraft it should definitely be on the PS3 because it does support K/B without any adapters. Playing UT3 with K/B on the PS3 felt like home.

ravinash3812d ago


That has to be one of the most odd reasons for someone thinking it'll go to one console and not another.
because PS3 does not have any already....that would be one of the main reasons why this would come to PS3. because sony is all about making a selection of games to broaden their customer base.

sonyfanonly3812d ago

man theres a reason why its only a pc game - it sucks plain and simple what does blizzard think that we ps3 users are begging for this game with mgs 4 resistance 2 and ff 13 and killzone 2 coming out ha dont make me laugh

LaChance3812d ago

How come some people got less bubbles than others ?

ravinash3812d ago

Um, because i am!!!

It would be great if starcraft 2 came to PS3.
theres no reason why it couldn't be done.

Greysturm3812d ago

P2P connections would work since the number of players in this type of game are limited to a max of 12 which wouldnt necesarily need dedicated servers (would be preffered as the amount of info sent in rts is normaly a lot higher than fps reason why rts on the 360 has been limited to 4 players max)

The current advantage of the ps3 to receive a port is the keyboard and mouse support which regardless of what rts developers say it is still the best way to control an rts at least until endwar. BFME2 and CC are the ones i have played and although the controls are interesting they still pale in functionality compared to their pc counterparts.

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The story is too old to be commented.