Dark Souls: Death Is Your Friend (Ludos Mundi)

The second game in FromSoftware’s Soul series wants to introduce you death, to have you embrace it. The back of the case reads “Prepare To Die” and you will die a lot. Extraordinary deaths that will bring rage and yelling, which may even feel cheap but will improve your play. Dark Souls makes no apologies for its difficult onslaught, there is no pause button and you can be attacked while in item menus. You will learn and you will win or you will have to do it over.

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X-Factor2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


Lucretia2284d ago

i think im going to start playing this game again. lost my completed save data so i need to get ready for the dlc again :P

Deputydon2284d ago

I was upset to find out that the DLC doesn't really had any significant weapons or armor. There are new weapons and armor, but nothing that really improves upon anything you can already get.