Amazon: $80 Xbox 360 HD DVD player with 6 free HD DVDs and shipping

And here you thought $199 $179 $129 was a good deal for Microsoft's Xbox 360 HD DVD drive. Amazon is now selling it for $79.99 with free shipping and 6 free HD DVDs. Now that's what we call Wow Microsoft.

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crck3486d ago

Still wasn't enough to make me get one.

mikeslemonade3486d ago

Is there some kind of hack to get this thing to work on the PS3 via the USB?

whengeeksgobad3486d ago

not yet, but it is entirely possible...some day hopefully!

Jack Bauer3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

$179.99....must be over

SL1M DADDY3486d ago

That HD-DVD is truely dead. Save yourself the money and put it towards a BD player.

akaFullMetal3486d ago

wow, i guess it is a good deal for someone who wants that

carl ps33486d ago

Flogging a dead horse!!! ;-D
HD DVD + xBox360 days are outnumbered!!! ;-D

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The story is too old to be commented.